I'ma gettin HOT flashes!!

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  1. :sos:

    I have just gone mad!!! :huh: I have decided to rid myself of all handbag designers and just enjoy collecting Hermes handbags for the rest of my life! I have sold my soul to Hermes! I'm going to be spending alot of time selling over the next few weeks!!!! :lol:

    This is gonna be a hell of a orange ride!!!!!
  2. OK! There ya go, Bagg! It's the same thing I did actually. The only other designer bags I have left are two beloved Chanel's and my Mothers 25-year old LV Monogram Speedy she left me.

    Come on over and get on the Hermes boat with the rest of us.....
  3. You STILL have room for one more!!!!:wtf:
  4. Join the club, Baggaholic!! I've rid myself of all the designers ever since I got onto Hermes. Ok, so I may cheat once in a while but so far I hadnt' cheated completely.

    Marketplace? I have yet to apply for real but I think I should ... Gotta get rid of my H accessories since I don't use them. Of course, there's always eBay but I trust the ladies here more.

    Anyways, Hermes can do that do you! Once you're hooked, there's no turning back! I admit that I have a serious case of Hermes addiction! Nothing beats Hermes~~!!! Welcome to the Hermes side, Baggaholic!
  5. Oh wow - Bagg, with your amazing collection a lot of ladies are going to get very lucky!!
    But, I've done the same thing. With the exception of a precious few I've kept and still want, it's only H for me!
  6. Oh man,.. how do I start!!! I feel sick, everytime I look in ther it looks like a deep spinning tunnel! :throwup:
  7. Should I hire someone to do this for me!
  8. Bagg...I know it's awful, but what can you do when you've seen the best? Love Hermes!!
  9. Okay, I have no room for my new Hermes bags that are commig,... I need to start frm the bottom and work my way up!
  10. Congratulations! I made the very same decision several months ago, but am just implementing it at a far slower rate. I am thrilled you'll be trying everything out before I get there!
  11. Just start with those bags and accessories you haven't used in the last year (I KNOW there must be some). Begin there. That's what I did and pretty soon you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just make sure you don't sell off anything you really, really love.
  12. Bagg, if you sell everything, just think of the purse money that would free up! Ohhhhhh the possibilities!
    Seriously, your bag collection is FIERCE!!!
  13. Your right, I could fund my croc Birkin from those!! Holy :censor: ! Lord forgive me!:angel:
  14. Do it, do it, just START listing those babies.....put every penny in an Hermes fund and pretty soon you'll have enough for TWO croc Birkins! I mean that closet of your's is a veritiable GOLDmine of handbags!!!!!
  15. :lol:

    I just told PHH my plans and he told me to give him the money we could invest in a bigger boat!! He's nut's! But totally with it,.. his only concern was if I was sure because I have stuff there that I never use, and he told me to atleast save one bag for a rainy day and one bag for a snowy day (smart guy)
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