I'm writing a paper on Hermes....

  1. I am writing a paper for my class on Hermes and want to write about how it is high in demand for it's high quality and craftsmanship.

    I also wanted to talk about the exclusivity
    of some of their bags and how they are so high in demand that there are waiting lists that are years long and many of them are no longer open so buyers are sometimes willing to pay a mark up to have the bag now rather than later (instant gratification).

    In the time I have spent on tPF, I learned almost everything I know about Hermes through the lovely members here but now I need actual article backing and research. Could anyone offer any articles or readings you have found? Most of my searches brought me to fake bags or pages on Hermes the messenger god.

    Thank you! I really appreciate your help!
  2. Liz ~ there was a great article in Septembers Vanity Fair about the Hermes Company. Check on tPF for articles on Hermes from other sources too. Oh, and good luck.
  3. I know this is a fashion magazine so not sure it will help - but there was a great spread on Hermes in the Sept issue of Vanity Fair.
  4. Sus - we posted the same thing at the same exact time - :smile:
  5. The name of the Vanity Fair article is From Hermes to Eternity.
  6. Thank you! Magazine publications are great =)

    I will go search for the article.

    Thank you Sus and PennyD2911 :flowers:
  7. Thank you CobaltBlu and Orchids!
  8. is this for a business marketing class or a psychology class?
    Hermes could qualify for both!
  9. It's for my Marketing Course =)

    Thank you Gelbergirl and Rose! :flowers:
  10. Sounds like it will be an interesting paper lizlikeshugs!! I'm excited for you!! Good Luck!!