I'm worried : my buyer is no longer an ebay member

  1. Hi,
    Sorry if this subject has been discussed already...But I've done a quick search on this subject, and I didn't found anything similar...

    Here is my case :
    - a buyer used Bin to win my item
    - as usual, I received a message from eBay saying my bag was sold and I should contact the buyer to send the invoice
    - So I tried to...but it was impossible : my US buyer is not an eBay member anymore !
    His last (and only one) FB is from 2003 !!

    SO :
    - I've tried to contact him through eBay telling him I don't understand.
    - Open a file/dispute (sorry don't know the specific word in English) => Ebay immediately propose to refund me fees.
    - put again my bag for sale.

    But I really don't understand WHY this "ghost buyer" have done this ?
    Did he think I could send the bag before receiving payment ??
    What was his purpose/interest ??
    Should I be worried ???

    Thanks for you answers/clues, because I really don't understand...and that makes me anxious:s...
  2. I have had a couple of these over the last two weeks - it was probably somebody accessing the persons account fraudulently and the chances are that they have done several BIN on other peoples accounts at the same time. You can check this out by going on to goofbay,com and placing their ebay id under bids and it will pull up any auctions they have placed bids on in the last 30 days or so.
  3. Thanks gtomad. I've search on goofpay : no bid in the last 30 days !!
    Really I don't understand...
    So far the only consequence for me is I had to re-list my bag...

    Should I be worried of others (and worst) consequences ???
  4. Since he is no longer a registered member and ebay has already refunded your fees, it should be safe to relist it again. Good luck.
  5. How very strange. It could be that the account was hijacked and the person discovered it after the person did a BIN


    The person who did the BIN had second thoughts and went in and somehow closed their account to get out of paying the BIN

    In any event, relist it and I'm sure you'll sell it the second time! :heart:
  6. Definitely sounds like a hijacked account. I think you will be getting a few "Hello friend" emails soon. These hijackers use buyers account to get your email address so that they can spam your email with offers of fake bags. :mad:
  7. ^ yes they do and if anyone knows how to stop besides blocking their address or flagging as spam I would greatly appreciate you sharing...
  8. Thanks for your help Ladies : I'm not worried anymore :smile:
  9. As long as you didnt lose out on anything then its ok! good luck on selling the bag!
  10. UGh!!! Well my situation today was that someone bid on a purse I was selling then 20 minutes before it ends they tell me they cannot pay for it and want to dispute it, WTH! I just missed out on someone else buying the purse! I hate people!!!
  11. Change your email address. :sad: Annoying, but you won't get the emails anymore...until the next time!