i'm worried...help needed, please

  1. Hello,

    Okay, here are the facts. I am really worried. I can't afford to lose this money! Any assistance or advice is sincerely appreciated! Thanks!

    + I purchased a YSL handbag

    + upon receipt determined it was fake (the YSL maintenance guide had many misspelled words)

    + I contacted the seller and opened a Paypal dispute. I paid with funds I had within my Paypal account.

    + The seller asked that I return the item and she would provide a refund. I took numerous pics of the item and all of the fake authenticity docs (including the misspelled words within the booklet) prior to mailing the item back. When I returned the item, I taped the USPS scan to confirm it was delivered to the package and when I look it up online nothing comes up, I am afraid USPS may have thrown the scan tag to the side! I am disabled/terminally ill and it took me quite a bit to get down there and drop the package after hours. I am sure they have me going in there and dropping the package within the USPS bin on film and they prob can see the scan ticket on there.

    + I have returned the item and continually tried to contact the seller. I even requested her contact info through eBay and the telephone number was disconnected (of which I reported to eBay). She is no longer registered with eBay.

    + Now she has the bag back, won't respond to my emails and has not given me a refund.

    + I escalted just now to a Paypal claim....is there anywhere I can confirm YSL does not mispell words within their booklets to show Paypal or someone I can contact at YSL to confirm this or send the pics I have to?

    + Is there anything else I need to be doing?
  2. The seller is NRU'd, Paypal will more than likely rule in your favor. It will more than likely take them at least 30 days to return you $$$ since you paid with funds. They will hold onto your money as long as they can. Keep your claim open and wait it out.
    Good luck!
  3. Don't worry too much. It's pretty obvious that any high end handbag would not have misspelled words in their booklets.

    Did you do a delivery confirmation or signature confirmation? Many times the delivered confirmation won't show up on usps's website until the package has been delivered. This is especially true if you drop something in their bin as opposed to handing it to an employee to scan.

    I would go ahead and add the tracking info to your PP dispute so they can confirm that you sent the bag back.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  4. good advice has been given. DO NOT close the claim even if the seller says they will refund you. USPS is slow on updating their system so wait until late evening to check again to see if it was delivered. did you insure it? was it delivery confrimation or signature confirmation??