i'm @ work... and..

  1. I keep pulling my bag out, I look at it... touch it... smell it... :yes:

    and not just once, like every 30 minutes... LITERALLY!!! ppl must think i'm crazy if they see me...

    Even at home, I'd be watching TV and ALL of sudden feel the urge to "CHECK UP" on my bag?? am I crazy??... HAHAHA :blink:

    Does this happen to you too???
  2. Haha! That's pretty cute. I'm sitting at my desk at work with my smooshy bordeaux in my lap! And that's saying a lot, because I'm carrying a scrumptious Petrol Spy right now... that's serious bag competition.
  3. Ohhh... compeition!!!!!>.. aww sitting in your lap??? i would do that too... i take it out pretend i'm looking for somthing... but really, i'm just feeling it..

  4. oh eping - you're IN love...
  5. HAHA! I was driving to work yesterday and I had my Magenta Purse on the passenger seat and I realized when I got to work that I had my hand on it. just petting it! we are sick.:wtf:
  6. Yes.. i am in LOVE... falling deeeeeeeeeeeeply too... hope my BF won't get too jealous...

    Just in the car earlier, there was a train... stopped at the lights for a good 15min... can you guess what i was doing??


  7. lol :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. I haven't carried my b-bag that many times, but when I am home I do check it and touch it once in awhile.
  9. I keep my girl out on my desk beside my monitor...so I can enjoy looking at something while I'm at work ;o) Lots of stroking, touching, fondling when no one is looking :ninja:
  10. i do the same thing everytime i get a new bag balenciaga or not lol :yes: i keep staring at it and when im eating i put it infront of my food and just looks at it :rolleyes: right now my new goyard is beside my laptap as im typing :lol:
  11. that's what happen to me too :P
    i love the sensation the bag gave me. whenever i'm at restaurant or cafe, or work, the bag's sitting on my lap as close to me as possible.
    even when i'm not with my bf for some times, he asked me to sniff my b-bag when i met him again.
  12. Totally understand...my new baby is right there with me and I'mmmmmmm in love.
  13. arent we crazy :roflmfao:
    thank GOD when my white b bag arrived (which happens to be my first b bag ever!) that the holiday break was near.. so i just got to take it 3 days to work.. it was really dsitracting to turn my head and look at my b bag which was sitting on a small drawer thingy in my office cupic..
    now i dont know how am i gonna re act in my holiday trip!! :shame:
  14. HEHEHE...i totally know what you mean...sometimes I'm afraid I will crash my car bc I stare at my bbag to long!! :nuts: Only bbag sisters would understand :rolleyes: hehehehe!!
  15. I do this all the time to my bags. :smile: I like to admire them. I'm sure my BF thinks I'm nuts!