i'm wondering...

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  1. i'm certainly no lamb expert, but doesn't think new juicy couture bag have some lamb-ish qualities?


  2. not to offend anyone that likes juicy but that bag is so :yucky:
  3. i just read my post again, and it hardly makes any sense. i meant to say, "don't you think this juicy couture bag has some lamb-ish qualities." ah, you guys know what i meant.

    i agree, handbaglover. i don't hate jc or anything, but it seems like a departure from what they usually offer bag-wise.
  4. That juicy bag sure has a lot going on in it....
  5. eegads...
  6. that bag looks awful ! :sick:
  7. Lol, yes I do but I've seen that same trend (pattern with a stripe down the middle) by several different brands lately. I think it's an overall trend right now.

    And I don't like the bag either, lol
  8. ITA. :yucky: No offense jc lovers, they make other bags I like, but not this one.
  9. i can see the lamb-ishness on that JC bag.. but seriously, that bag is :tdown: don't get me wrong, i own several juicy bag.. but this one.. :yucky:
  10. It is 'LAMB-esque'.....it also has the metal plating on it reminiscent to the Gucci Indy Bag. Kind of a strange hybrid bag.

    I've seen some JC bags that I've liked, although I don't own any. That one is just SOOOOO busy looking, and I can't imagine what I'd wear with it.