I'm wondering.....(Miroir)

  1. I'm wondering which one of us will actually post the 1st pic of their new Speedy Miroir ?

    I'm gonna take a wild guess and put my money on twinkle.tink (b/c her SA's are stating Nov. 15th as the date (?)) or maybe I might get lucky (if the SoHo staff luv me) and get it on Dec. 1st.

    I'm just going to be pissed if I can't get it the day it comes out (whichever day that might be) I'm hearing it's starting to get really limited to the point that not everyone's gonna get one this season :sad:

    *crossing fingers*
  2. KathyD, maybe? :biggrin:

    I just finished viewing a short video of a gold Miroir Speedy... It's AMAZING. :biggrin:
  3. I put my money on myself. Hahaha.
  4. ^^^^ :roflmfao: That's hot.
  5. It won't be me as I want a gold pap:P
  6. ummmm gold pap! :P
  7. Good luck Pouf and please share pics!:yahoo:
  8. Lol, actually I would put money on Michelle, too! She is fast!

    Just because an SA told be November 15th, doesn't make it so....as we all know there is so much disinformation out there it is crazy! He could have been wrong or even just misspoke and could have meant Dec 15, not Nov 15...who knows...

    Michelle's 'source' is usually much more acurate, that girl has it dialed! Speaking on which...you were going to check Michelle....what date did you hear?
  9. How does actually this miroir looks like do you have some links ??? sorry I have no idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Haha, I agree. Which items in the miroir line are you getting Michelle? I'm thinking a gold papillon, but I don't know until i see them IRL :s

  11. Yah, I spoke with my SA and she told me it was going to launch in mid December. I have been following the Miroir line since June, the dates keep getting pushed back and I hope this will be the final launch date. :hrmm:

  12. Hehehe. :shame:
    Actually, at this point I am not certain on which styles I want. I guess I will just have to play it by ear for now. :angel:
  13. So I'm getting it now, is Michelle1025 a vuitton queen?

    I saw your bags showcase girl it's amazing!
  14. Thanks!
  15. Oh no girl! There are other members with bigger collections than me. I would never consider that I was the queen, but I do alright.