I'm whining for large wine bleecker flap

  1. My outlets are out of the wine. I guess eBay is my only hope. I wish I could hand-select my own bag rather than have to buy off of eBay. There is ink and green here but those colors don't appeal to me for some reason. My second choice would be rust or buck skin. I only want to pay outlet prices or $40 over. I guess eBay is my only chance for a wine bleecker flap bag?
  2. At this point, yea probably. If you get it off of Ebay, realize that the seller has to pay Ebay/Paypal fees so more than likely you will be paying more than what they were going for at the outlets. That's not even including a profit/premium/whatever you want to call it for the seller to have spent time and gas to get it. Plus it saves you from calling around and having to drive to go get it and paying sales tax if your state collects it. Having said that, some sellers mark things up a lot and I say good luck to them selling their merchandise. The wine is a pretty color :love:
  3. I figured that I'm probably daydreaming trying to get it for the outlet price when they aren't at my outlets. lol I just don't want to pay a whole lot more just for a different color when I can buy an ink or green one for less. Maybe I will buy it in ink. That one will go with jeans. You know, green is actually my favorite color but I just never desired a green bag.
  4. That's what I thought (well except pink is my favorite color but I do like green). My green Bleeker flap goes with a lot more than I thought it would. I love it. Even though I like the wine color more, I don't think it would go with as much as my green does...
  5. Pink is my second favorite color. I went to go see the bottle green bleeckers and they had a lot that day. I carried one around thinking maybe I'll buy it. I did like the color, I call that color Forest green. Geez, I don't know what to do, maybe colors don't matter, I just want a large bleecker flap for $240 (+ tax). I don't know why I like the wine one the best, it's just so rich looking. Blue is my least favorite color. Maybe I will get a green one. LOL
  6. I bought the green one because it was the only one they had at the outlet I visited. I could have driven a couple of hours away to another outlet that had the ink the next day. I decided to buy the green one and think about whether I wanted to trek to exchange it. by the next day, I knew I wanted to keep the green one. The ink is nice but it's too dark of a blue for me...
  7. I'd better make sure it's something I really want because my Coach collection is nearing its completion. I'll hold out for the wine and if anyone knows a hot deal somewhere on one post here or PM me please.
  8. I lucked into one of these in wine when our dillards had them half off. i just can't decide if the wine is really me- I usually play it safe with brown/black leather or sig bags. So it sits in it's dust bag until I can make up my mind...i just LOVE the style though!
  9. I saw a few on ebay for below retail when I was looking at bleecker large flap bags as the style is yum! The wine is tdf, hope you find a good deal! Sorry to hear they are all out at the outlet.
  10. I have the wine hobo and I think it is quite a neutral color, I wear it with both black and brown, I like it with black better though.
  11. I have the green that I purchased about a month ago at the outlet. They only had one green and a few ink but did not get any of the wine. I do love my green and wear it with everything!
  12. Girls! I went to my outlet again last Friday full of hope, and found a rare treasure indeed! What could it possibly be? Hmm, kinda squarish shaped package. I've heard it's hip to be square...:okay:
    IMG_1885 (Medium).JPG IMG_1886 (Medium).JPG
  13. You didn't!
  14. OMG!!! That looks like the wine color to me!!! Yay!!!
  15. I did it! YES!!! I actually found a wine one! :yahoo:I had called this particular outlet the day before asking for this bag and they said no, they only had the medium duffle in wine. But the next day I got bored and just went there hoping to find some charms I might like and a scarf. Behind a wall full of inks and bottle greens, what did I see? A WINE bleecker bag there! I got so excited! But...when I pulled it out it had deep scratches all over the bag and on the hardware even. I knew I would not buy that one. My :heart: sank. Then the SA showed up just then and asked if I need help. I asked her if there were any more in the back room. And a matching checkbook wallet. She came out with them both, I couldn't BELIEVE it! They were perfect in every way! It reminds me of that rice krispies treats commercial where the store just puts one krispie treat out for everyone so they think it's the last one and that person goes away feeling so lucky! LOL
    IMG_1887 (Medium).JPG IMG_1891 (Medium).JPG