I'm Wearing White After Labor Day (and a Few Other Colors)!

  1. This is a quick reveal of bags I purchased this week! Saturday, I went to Premium North and got one bag at the women's store and another at the men's store. Today, I went to Premium South to return a wristlet and get a PA on a duffle I bought earlier in the week and snagged a surprise find!

    My suntan Lilly needed to be reunited with her sis, Ms. Parchment Woven Lilly:

  2. Very nice! We won't mind if you are wearing white...not when it looks like this ;)
  3. After today's PA, she was only $117. Here's olive moss classic leather duffle. Love the soft leather and the color!

  4. Lovely on both
  5. Great deal! I saw one at my outlet last week.
  6. My first Bleecker business tote in ocean! Color isn't accurate in this photo with the flash since there are thunderstorms threatening and it's dim indoors. Perfect size for a work tote!

  7. love the Bleeker!
  8. Well, how dare you, your bags are beautiful. I'd be wearing white too. I don't know who deemed that white should not be worn after labor day, in Calif. we wear whatever pleases us any time of the year lol.
  9. I've been looking for this wallet ever since it started showing up at the outlets. Got to the outlet this morning early enough to score one!

    Magenta gathered zip around wallet:
  10. And, finally, today's surprise score found hidden behind a saffiano tote in the delete section, dark plume Phoebe! While I was thrilled to find her at what I thought was going to be 50% off, she rang up for the amazing price of $99.50, a 50+50 discount! I double checked for an X on the creed for damaged/final sale or any major flaws but other than a few small scuff marks, she's a-ok!

  11. Oh my! What a deal! I sometimes have luck but that is AWESOME! Why was it an extra 50?
  12. Wow! Love them! The price was amazing on that Phoebe!!! Congrats!
  13. Great haul! Love the Lilly.
  14. Boooooyah. Score
  15. BonBonz, you did it again...so many beauties!!! The Woven Lilly is gorgeous...and how sweet of you to facilitate a reunion with her sister. ;) I can't believe the price on the Phoebe...sweet score! Enjoy everything!