Im wearing this this weekend.

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  1. Im wearing this kimono this weekend with long dress pants. I need a clutch and I'm thinking of getting a gucci or a Fendi.

    What do you think.

  2. I like it !! What colour is your dress pants ? either bag will work, in my opinon.
  3. Thanks. Dress pants are like a silky tan color.
  4. Gorgeous!!! that will look stunning together
  5. That would be a fierce outfit ! I would get a little white clutch to go with the outfit.. nothing's really coming to mind right now on what would be best.
  6. That top is pretty! I love the color :love:
  7. i love that outfit. nice taste you got there.
  8. I LOVE IT!!! I felt the need for caps because I really really love it. Great taste! :smile:
  9. Thank you guys--you're all so sweet. Fashion is my passion.
  10. i really like that top! the color is really nice as is the complete outfit
  11. Isnt the model wearing shorts ? Anyway the kimono is a statement by itself, plus the colour is great, what about your shoes ? Any other accessories ?
  12. ^^ Agreed! The top is bold and will be attention grabbing. What else are you thinking of pairing up with it?
  13. I'm piring it with a long pearls and gold necklace, tan stilletos. The model is wearing shorts, but I'm wearing it to a semi-casual quinceanera (sweet fifteen)--therefore I didn't want to wear shorts with it.
  14. Great choice I hope you have a lot of fun, You will definatly look great.

    Enjoy !
  15. Thanks Pradasmeadow. I read on the other post that you were into fashion so your imput is greatly appreciated. We probably have a lot in common; I love fashion.