I'm Wapity Crazy! My new Wapity....

  1. So I'm celebrating the completion of my thesis with a new LV item....Check out my new Wapity!! (I had been debating on getting this for awhile....so glad I did!). LOVES IT! :love:

    Im also posting pics of my new Eugenia Kim shoes...get soo many compliments on these!
  2. The Wapity is so cute! I'm dying to get one to put my digital in. Congrats! Cute shoes too.
  3. I love love love love the shoes!!
  4. omg. the shoes are so cute. congratulations!
  5. Congrats!
  6. Congratulations on completing your thesis! Love the Wapity and the shoes are way too cute!
  7. Congratulations! Love the shoes, and the LV. :o)
  8. great shoes!!

    the wapity is really starting to grow on me. damn you forum and your temptingness!! :smile:
  9. Its Wapolicious!!

    Enjoy it!

  10. Congrats! The wapity is soooooo cute:love:
  11. Congrats!!! :biggrin:
  12. Cute wapity. Love the color of the shoes!
  13. yay! Im glad you liked...I only found out about EK shoes because of you...and I didnt give you credit in this thread...so thanks!!
  14. ooh..i know about getting tempted..that's how I ended up with my gorgeous wapity!

    Damn this forum!....kidding. I LOVE this place!!
  15. I tried to imitate your 'open up the bag with the pics' kinda thing..and it didnt work..:cry:
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