I'm wanting the new Saint Laurent east west satchel bag

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  1. It isn't available to us non-celebrities quite yet. All the high end stores have it on pre order status, although Angelina Jolie was papped with it the other day (which is how i discovered this bag).

    It's looks luscious
    saint laurent.jpg
  2. Looks so good!
  3. I've seen this availabe in store at Bergdorf Goodman.....so it is accessible by us commoners. :coolio:
  4. Saw it in white or black at Saks and fell in love! This will be my next purchase as a wedding gift to myself :smile: if anyone has one please share details
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  5. I've been eyeing the croc print, but holding out for a discount :idea:
  6. I just saw it a few days ago. It's a stunning bag if you can rock that type of handbag. It's definitely not for me personally but I can appreciate it's beauty
  7. I saw this in the boutique and I prefer the look with the front pouch removed (no YSL Cassandre logo).

    It’s a good alternative to SDJ and if I don’t have the SDJ I might consider this
  8. I like this bag very much aswell. I have seen it on Farfetch, Matchesfashion and Mytheresa.