i'm very upset :(

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  1. hi guys, some of u might have known i just bought a miu miu leather bracelet.. anyways, its preety new, worn it only a few times but considering theres the heart shaped charm, i know there is bound to be tiny scratches on the hardware from wear. anyways, i saw a tiny chip in the hardware, looks like a tiny bit of the gold plating chipped off, its not very big, u wnt be able to see it unless u actually examine it, but however im quite sad as its a present and i love it to bits.

    do u guys know any ways i can prevent it from any furthur chipping? im very upset.. i called my local store and they sold out in every colour already!
  2. Oh my gosh i am so glad you have started a thread about this! I am trying to get my hands on one of them asap can anyone tell me where to get one ???! Or is anyone selling one ? Hope to hear from you all ladies! x :heart: x
  3. oh no! Would it be bad to use clear nail polish??
  4. o no, i wudnt wana be putting anyting on it!

    but as far as i can see, theres a tiny tiny mini mini chip on it, its very tiny but it makes me sad though, i called my miu miu store and the local lab wnt be able to do anyting about it, so i guess i have to live with it...