I'm very sad, what can i do?!

  1. so during the Nordstrom pre-sale i ordered the ysl rive gauche in camel from toni at moa. she is the best!
    anyways i called her today to get the tracking no. as i am getting anxious and leaving town on saturday. really wanted to take the new bag on this trip too. so she called back and said that the bag was delivered yesterday morning. dhl called and said they left it on the front porch. it's gone! i don't know what to do! so i'm out of $1K + and dream bag gone......
  2. This just happened to someone in the Bottega forum( DHL also). So sorry to hear! Soooo disappointing. I am sure you will not be liable for it, though a claim is such an inconvenience. Good luck and hope you can replace it with another dream bag soon.
  3. I hate DHL. I can't order from Net-a-Porter because they are so awful. Expect them to give you a hard time, but persevere! Call who sent it and tell them that DHL did not require a sig (unless someone forged it) and it was stolen off your porch. Let the shipper get the money back from DHL - they'll have an easier time of it than you will.

  4. How horrible! I hope this gets resolved. I saw one the same color on sale on Tuesday when I went to the MOA.
  5. That's really horrible and sad. I hope everything turns out right and you'll soon get your dream bag.
  6. If that bag was sent signature required and DHL just dumped it off, I think you can have Nordies file a claim with them... I saw another thread somewhere about this same thing (with DHL) and the poster was able to be refunded. Good luck, sorry to hear of this. I hate some of theses shipping companies.
  7. just talked to toni and she's going to found out if the shipping store has requested signature delivery. the worst part is that that was the last bag she found for me.......=(
  8. very sorry to hear that, Laksalala :sad: .... I hope everything turn alright
  9. I thought I just saw one on Neiman Marcus sale pages..
    it looks like camel to me....
  10. thanks for the link girls. wonder if they will match the price, i got it for 1009.....
  11. Isn't Nordie's liable for this? They should never ship anything that expensive without signature being required - if they do, then they should eat the cost!!
  12. i used to work at Nordstrom and when someone called to say their package was stolen off their porch, nordstrom was responsible and had to find her a replacement asap and drive it directly to the person. as far as i know, dhl always requires a signature, except on the rare occasions they turn it over to the post office to deliver. either way, you are not liable- let nordstrom fight this out with DHL, you dont need to contact DHL yourself. nordstrom will have to find you a new bag or get you a refund. trust me, you will be fine. just let the store manager or SA handle it.
  13. Oh my!! That's terrible!!! By as lisadoodle has said, I'm pretty sure nordstrom will you send you another one as replacement. I'll have my fingers crossed for you!!!
  14. I'm sorry to hear this happen to you. The BV bag that got stolen was mine - DHL left it at my doorstep without telling me. I'm still going through the process of getting the money refunded by Bluefly.

    Just to let you know though, there was a camel rive gauche on sale at the Nordstroms in the Michigan Ave Chicago store as of Wednesday. I didn't check the price, but it was on the sale table. If they haven't sent you a replacement yet, maybe you can call them, and get it sent to you.