I’m very open for suggestions or anything.

  1. Well, you guys need to know the whole story first, before I can ask for advice. I normally handle stuff like this very well, but this I just can’t figure out, even thou it sounds easy.

    I have more male friends than women, nothing wrong with that, because I like that. This past school year I got to know this guy. His name is Jens. He’s really smart and we have fun together. After the first week of school we were sitting together all the time. We sit in a horseshoe and he site first, then me and Christian next me and then Carlsen ß that’s his last name and nickname. Now we have this agreement to sit like that all the time, so you guys can tell we are great friends. Jens and I have another kind of relationship. All ready after the first week we where fighting like and old married couple, well so you guys understand we have many laude conversations, so some teachers and the rest of the class all agree that we sound like an old married couple.
    When we hit December we kind of made that a fulltime joke and we went along with it just for fun, like commenting on it and kind of building a hole marriage up, like when and where did we get married because no one of us could remember, hehe..He still joke on that. :P

    Ok, now you know the big before story. Last month I attended a Middle Age market for a couple of days. Jens is a member so he was there before me. Christian and I were visiting to see what it was. It ended up with me staying a couple of days and also Jens and I slept in the same bed, only sleeping :smile: Since our “one year anniversary” was coming up, I gave Jens a pendant with Thor´s Hammer (he likes that style) and he liked it. It was sort of a birthday present I was suppose to give him earlier on but did not attend the party I was invited to. I had to study for finals, so….He liked it and after a couple of days he gave me a late birthday present(he called it). A pendant with matching earrings, he made himself, jah really nice. I don’t really know if I believe that I was supposed to get it at that point, but that doesn’t matter.

    Now here is the problem. I lost my pendant on Wacken and I have looked everywhere. Since we are close friends, should I tell him I lost it..?

    Any impute would be great and sorry for telling so much, and for my bad gramma.
  2. I would , tell him if its bothering you , but u do still have the earrings right ?????...if so i wouldnt tell him unless he asked
  3. Jep, I have the earrings...It really does bother me when I think about it. It was a very personal gift and I lost it..!

  4. Since you guys are good friends, I would tell him. If he were a good friend, he would understand. Besides, If you don't tell him, he'll know sooner or later that it is missing.
  5. I agree with Daffie. I'm sure he will understand, and if you tell him, he will realize that it was important to you, too.

    By the way, your English is very good!
  6. I agree with what the others have said - it would be best to tell him upfront. You guys are close friends so he should understand.
  7. Thanks, and thanks for the comment on my english. Means a lot.. :smile:

    We started HF2 today (school of higher educatsion, if you translate the school) and I told him. I just can´t figure out if he was mad, sad or dissapointed, but he still wears mine, so I guess he really liked my gift.. :smile:

  8. Just tell him the truth. You lost it by accident and feel badly about it.
  9. I'm sure he'll understand, it was an accident.