I'm very disappointed- problems with online order of Twinset/ Twice two times

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  1. #1 Apr 22, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2016
    On April 6, I ordered a poppy empreinte Twinset/ Twice online (the nearest store to me is a 7 hour round trip). It arrived on April 12. It was a gorgeous MIF bag with protective plastic on its hardware, but unfortunately, its snap was defective, and I sent it back for an exchange the same day.

    The snap looked like this:

    My replacement poppy arrived today. It's MIU, which could be livable, but it's obviously heavily used, whether as a customer return or as a display. As you can see in the pic on the left, this is how it arrived inside the dustbag in the box (the dustbag was folded shut inside the box). Unfortunately, the very poor presentation is the least of its problems. Notice the end of the strap has a kink in it from being in the buckle. The pic on the right shows the snap. It is dull from abrasions and has a big scratch down the middle. I didn't get pics of everything, but the zipper pull is smudgy, the gilt letters on the heat stamp are faded, there was **random white cardboard in the middle pocket, and the lining was all bunched up from the lower left corner of the back pocket. I am so upset. Can any of you experienced ladies and gentlemen direct me to the proper number or email address to complain to? I'd like to go beyond talking with the phone SA I've been working with (although I'm sure she had nothing to do with it, and I don't want it to seem like I'm taking it out on her).


    I'm not sure if I want to return it and give up on this style altogether, or try for a third. I found the ten day return time pretty annoying the first time, and another ten day wait time will make it nearly a month since I first ordered! Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    ETA: ** I originally said it was trash inside, but that's a harsh word and I fear I may have overreacted. It was random pieces of white cardboard that didn't look like they belonged to this bag.
  2. I'm not too familiar with this bag so I'm not much help, but I can see what you mean, and yes it looks used. I would try again. Yes it does our heads in when this happens. I'm dealing with my own "rounds" these days with LV... I'm sorry this happened to you, and I don't think you should get a used bag... Good luck! Here's a hug!
  3. Are you doing this through a store or the website? On the website in the email section there is a dropdown choice for the topic of the email for complaints. If done online, maybe call customer service and ask for a supervisor. That is unacceptable the way you received it with trash in there,ewwwws! If you still want the same bag i would order from a store and have someone look it over before sending.
  4. Thanks! I could use a hug. lol

    I've calmed down. I've called and initiated an exchange. Hoping third time's the charm. 👏🏻
  5. I used the website. I'll use the drop down email choice, thanks!

    I guess it would be a good idea to go to the shopping section for recommendations of SA's that are good at phone orders.
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461352759.099495.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461352769.350528.jpg
    I have just received my twice today, you can see from the pics, the bottom is not a line, very disappointed, I am going to exchange another one.
  7. Crossing my fingers for you:smile: it's like the draw of the luck with LV lately... That's what doing my head in. Some get it perfect the fist time, and some have do go in the ring 1,2,3 times. It's the inconsistent I have a problem with lately.. Good luck:smile:))) keep us posted!
  8. Gosh....🙄 I'm so sorry! Yikes
  9. Omg!! This is terrible. Trash inside the bag?! I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I hope they will make it right for you the third time. Keep us posted.
  10. Did you order online, too? This is my second online order; my first was an epi Alma BB, and it was perfect. These Twice problems are so odd.
  11. I think I blew my fuse and overreacted. It was more like random white cardboard pieces that didn't look like they went with the bag, not something like used tissues. This time I'm exchanging for the denim color. I'll update in about ten days, thanks for the moral support! :smile:
  12. Could you do a phone order instead so someone could check it over? Or request through customer service they have someone at the distribution center look at it before sending..it seems to be the least they could do for you for all this..
  13. I thought it was trash you found...could the tissue be some sort of stuffing material for the bag?
  14. Ack! What I referred to as trash in the OP was random pieces of white cardboard that didn't look like they belonged with the bag, and I posted with anger instead of objectivity. I meant there weren't used tissues, sorry.
  15. I talked to the CS, and they assured me the third one would be perfect, so I'm going to try one more exchange. I ordered through PayPal because I sold enough stuff for my balance to cover it, rather than waiting for the funds to transfer out to my bank. I was worried that it would be sold out quickly and was impatient. I won't be doing that again.