I'm useless when it comes to decisions (long post)

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Should I be practical or throw it into the wind?

  1. Beautiful, neutral, goes with everything, Ivory

  2. Stunning, will be hard to find later Violet

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  1. Hello everyone...I need your help. I can only afford one bag so both aren't an option ;). Here's my dilemma...I bought a vert gazon day in the spring and love it...it was my first bright colored bag, but I still find myself going back to using my neutrals more often than not. Because of this observation, I told myself that I wasn't going to invest in any more colorful bags because they just aren't as practical as the neutral tones which seem to go with everything. I love the violet this season and am tempted to get it just because I know if I miss out on it, it will be hard to come by later on. However, I also love the ivory with GSH and feel I would definately get more use out of that color. What should I do? Be practical and go with ivory or get the violet just so i don't miss out on it? Everytime I decide on ivory, I see someone's new violet and I start to doubt my decision, but I know I won't use it as much... oh make it stop..I'm hopeless :smile:
  2. Well, I voted for violet simply because I feel that it can be a great neutral for the season!!!
    And I also voted that because I am not a white-bag lover (too afraid of getting them dirty, messing up the handles, etc.)....you won't have to worry about anything with the darker violet color!
  3. lovemel, I totally understand your dilemma. I'm kind of going through the same thing myself. I love, love, LOVE Bal colors but when it comes right down to it........I find myself grabbing my neutrals over and over again. I know that the Violet is darker and can be considered a neutral but how much of your wardrobe will you actually be able to wear with it? Enough of your wardrobe that it justifies a $1000+ bag? If yes, get the Violet. If we're only talking a couple outfits, then pass on the Violet and get the Ivory with SGH. This combo is so edgy and can be dressed up/down and is a neutral that truly will go with a lot. hth!!!
  4. I think darker is always better... less opportunity to stain a light colored bag. Plus the violet is SO beautiful. I think it's a lot like the blue bal bags that can be worn with so many colors. Whatever you choose, they're both really great bags!
  5. I would think about whether any of the colors that will go with violet, tend to look good on me. I love the color, but my closet is filled with warm, duns..tans..creams..beiges. Not a good start for violet.

    If they look good on you, and you can promise yourself to add the violet friendly wardrobe pieces as you replenish clothing....then I'd grab it. JMO!:yes:
  6. Will you continue to love the ivory bag if it yellows as it ages? It sounds like some of the paler colours can do this relatively soon.

    I tend to think that the violet is a more practical long-term investment for this reason. If the dye fades or the leather yellows a bit, it should remain a lovely colour.
  7. This is a tough one!!! Both are soooo beautiful! I think the Ivory is hot- hot -hot!!!! I would never do it because of how light it is. I think a lot of colors are neutral and not necessarily light. I do feel that the Violet will be much harder to come by, though I'm not sure that is enough reason to buy a bbag. I am hopeful that violet will go with a lot of things in everyones wardrobe. With my job I do try to help women see that purple is a great color that goes with so much! It looks great with camel, grey, black, white, brown, navy, (jeans), and brights. I see it as being quite versatile. Good luck with your decision- I truly think that you can't go wrong either way!!!!!
  8. ^^ practicality wins for me!!! :tup:
  9. I voted for violet, just cos it's sooo !!!!

    Ivory is lovely, and I may in fact choose ivory over marigold (still haven't made up my mind over this one), but against violet, violet wins hands down. Purple is pretty neutral too, I thought?
  10. I voted for violet too! Not only is it the color of the season but it just looks so gorgeous against so many colors.
  11. I agree. I love my brightly colored bags but my neutrals get way more use.
  12. I voted for Ivory :yes: simply because it's the colour that you seem to really want. Beautiful violet pictures from Pfers are popping up in the forum :drool:and make you want the bag even more but.... are you going to spend that much money if you are not going to use it that much? Think practical and spend your money wisely :yes::heart:
  13. I vote for Ivory... if the light color is not a concern for you.. and it seems that your drawn to carrying neutral tones more. You'd probably get more use out the Ivory than the Violet. Like What aalabama said... practicality....is worth more than letting it sit in the closet, especially when we pay a few pretty pennies for these beautiful bBags. Hope that helps.. G-Luck! :wlae:

    one of my girlfriends just got a violet with SGH!!! and its AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS!!! lolx.. i am debating if i should get one too but didn't want to get the same bag as her!! lolx... waiting for the new S/S colors!!!!
  15. I voted for violet because my knee-jerk reaction is to pick a more vibrant, darker color than ivory. ON THE OTHER HAND, did anyone predict how rare and sought-after Calcaire would become? I haven't seen Ivory in person...but I get the impression it has more depth than the typical creams or whites that Balenciaga releases, and so maybe it isn't something that won't be easily be found in the future.