I'm upset, disappoined.

  1. I got a pair of valentino sunglasses and forgot them in the store after I bought them cause i was helping my mom pick out shoes! :Push: :censor: :hysteric:

    Its just such a disapointment cause I will still get them but its like I paid double. Has this happened to anyone?
  2. Can't you just go back for them? I'm sure they kept them...?
  3. its a big dept store. I think someone probably picked them up and kept them for themselves.
  4. That sucks!!!! Something similar happened to me last summer....I bought a pair of Fendi sunglasses, and left them in the dressing room at Neimans, and when I went back(about 10 minutes later), they had been taken! :sad: I ended up buying them again, as well.....but yes...that is terrible! I am really sorry.....
  5. I would check anyway, maybe an honest person picked them up. Sending good luck your way.:angel:
  6. I'm so sorry, Minnie, what a disappointment. I hope someone found them and returned them!
  7. I agree, sorry this happened though. Finger crossed you'll get it back.:yes:
  8. I'm so sorry that really is a disappointment. Things like that have happened to me before and it's just frustrating because there's nothing you can really do about it.
  9. How frustrating!
  10. this happened to me. i bought a pair of chanels and put them down near the abthroom sink. 3mins later i went back they were gone. i was sOOOO upset
  11. Happened to me too - brought a pair of guccis - went to meet my friend for lunch - left them in the loo and when I noticed and went back they had gone!

    So annoying - hopefully though some nice soul will have handed them in! - Let us know if you find them:flowers:
  12. that happened to me in may. i was in boston w/ my bf and i left my sunglasses at au bon pain...i put it down when i was getting my coffee. we left the store, and i realized almost 30 min later that i didn't have it. luckily, whoever found it was soooo nice and turned them in. they were waiting for me when i came back to au bon pain. i almost freaked out because i had never spent that much $$ on sunglasses before. maybe someone will turn yours in?
  13. I think you should go back and check just in case. A friend of mine left her wedding rings on a public restroom sink for 10-15mins and no one took them. She had gone in the wash her hands (took off her rings to do so) and ended up going back to her table without them. There are still some honest people left in this world.
  14. Minnie, I'm so sorry this happened to you. Did you pay with a credit card? Sometimes with credit cards you have some recourse when an item is lost/stolen.
  15. yes. i paid with american express