I'm unraveling.... Somebody strangle my plastic surgeon!

  1. Ok so it has been one thing after another this week it seems.. I have this spot on my hip where I had my tummy tuck and it is like a sore so I have scratched at it yadda yadda and today the scab comes off (totally gross I know) and what pops out??? Fishing line :wtf: OMG!! I'm like WTF is THAT??? So I grab it and start pulling and morrrre comes out !! YIKES!! By this time I think my surgeon can hear me all the way in BH!! So now I have about 6 inches of surgical line sticking out of me :Push: and I don't know if I should cut it off or not :throwup: I sent the doc some photos and asked him if I should chop it off or what. We are leaving on a 7 day cruise this weekend and that is ALL I need peeking out of my bathing suit:lol:
  2. yikes!!
    do NOT pull on it more! your surgical wound needs the suture in place to heal. depending on the type of suture used, it might absorb on its own over time. you should ask your doctor what he recommends you do. i think it's disturbing the sutures are exposed- that leaves you at a risk for an infection or some other complication!
  3. yea well this was over TWO years ago!!! LOL! I should think it would have dissapeared by now! LOL!!
  4. Don't touch it, it could open something else up. As a precaution, you should page your doctor asap. That doesn't sound right and you don't want it to get infected. I can't imagine a scab still forming in that area if you had the procedure done that long ago, let alone this exposed string that should have dissolved.

    Seriously, don't pull on it and speak to you doctor as soon as is humanly possible!!!!

    Oooh, I feel faint....

    (Let us know how you get on - good luck!!!!)

  6. *FAINTS*

    i would've freaked out and dialed 911...
    get to a dr... IMMEDIATELY!!! :wtf:
  7. :throwup:
  8. :wtf:I seriously think you should get to a doctor immediately, you can possibly get an infection or something else from having an open wound. :flowers:
  9. Yikes, that can't be good.
  10. OMG! I would have freaked out!

    Two years?! Is that how long it takes for a tummy tuck to heal?
  11. OMG. this can't be good at all. especially after 2 years. PLEASE call your doctor STAT!!! DO NOT PULL ANYMORE. the pulling may cause damage which can lead to further complications.. please do keep us informed.
  12. omg that sounds so gross... yes.. please don't pull on it anymore. >_<

    good luck!
  13. That sounds scary. Hope it gets sorted out promptly.
    Take care
  14. Omg. That gave me chills just reading it (then again I'm a big chicken). I was squirming just reading it!

    Does it hurt? Yikes!
  15. Definitely call the doc, if the sutures never disolved it could be festering to the top. You are definitely at risk for infection. If you had the tummy tuck 2 years ago, I find it amazing the sutures haven't dissolved. You are definitely at risk for infection.