im unfaithfull

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  1. Originally my bagobsession all started out with Chloé´s "edith". Added quite a few fendi baby spys - And then I discovered balenciaga and fell head over heels for the city model and matelasse style.
    Bags have come and gone - I sold my Edith, as much as I loved it - I did not use it. And was completely sucked into the balenciaga addiction hole. I have actually been faithfull and monogomous to my matelasses and balenciaga.
    Until now. Purchased in complete secrecy, and am planning to keep her in a seperate closet. My "dirty little secret" so to say:P ;- A lovely black chloé bay arrieved at my doorstep this evening. Absolutely perfect and pristine. Its love at first sight . Im afraid that this is going to escalade into something bad , beacause just the other day i was sneak peeping pix of a lovely camel coloured bay.... I think Im in trouble:biggrin:
    I will ad pix of this beauty later this evening
  2. Cant wait to see her!!:heart:
  3. hmm Im having trouble uploading:shrugs:
  4. Its easier using photobucket!!:heart:
  5. Congrats!
    i owned a noir quited bay for several months and i am still kicking myself for selling it. Fortunately, it went to one of the nicest and styliest Chloe lovers, so it is in a good home.
    You are going to love this bag to death.
    Looking forward to your pics!
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  7. can see why you love her.... very lovely!
    may I wish you a happy life together! :flowers:
  8. Thanks saz,mariaabcd,parson russel and mona danya for welcoming this beautiful bay - have a lovely day:flowers:
  9. congrats on a fabulous quilted bay!
  10. Congratulations! The Quilted Bay is fantastic and the black colour is so practical!
  11. Congrats on a great and gorgeous Bay :yahoo:! Love it!!! And enjoy!
  12. We want modeling pics, please:biggrin::smile:...
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    si senorita:biggrin:,
    I will do so either later this evening or tomorrow. Im having a serious attack of "holidaywear" ( Im afraid ill resemble a teletubby):roflmfao:. So to do this beauty justice, ill take a picture with me looking my normal self - not missframton telletubby-style
  14. :lol::lol::lol: waiting for a "real" modeling pic :lol:...