I'm turned off about Damier Azur line..

  1. I went to LV store today and I asked to my SA about the Azur line, he told me they did not have a single item yet. I am sure many of you knew this..the canvas is not coated, OMG I think those bags are going to get nasty too soon, this a is light colored canvas:crybaby: I thought this line was coated as regular Damier or Mono, maybe I am behind with info but with this line you have to be worry about vachetta and light canvas, I think will be too much to babysit.

    You thoughts?
  2. Is there a picture of this line anywhere? I keep hearing about it.
  3. I didn't know it's not coated..! Is it a confirmed info? :s Uncoated canvas means it's like a thicker fabric than mini lin?
  4. Its not coated??:s

    I wonder what it feels like?
  5. Hrm.. yeah, the uncoated canvas is a little worrying.
  6. I guess, that exactly what he told me, many of their customers were turned off as well because of this:yes: he told me is like the mini LV line, but mini is dark so stains are not visible, Azur is way too light for not to be coated.
    The other SA told me, Azur line is intended for only Spring and Summer use.
  7. Um hmm..intended only for spring and summer use?
    So that means that it won't get dirty during that time and doesn't need to be coated?
    That's really weird; with the prices exactly the same as the current line, I'd expect it to be coated..I guess I can see it not being that way for the LE pieces from this line but if it's supposed to be permanent, I'd think it would be necessary.
  8. Geez, I'm so disappointed with LV recently. First the mini lin, then the azur. Is it so hard to coat the darn canvas?! :hysteric: :rolleyes: Or do they want our LVs not to last so that we'll purchase more from them? :Push: :sweatdrop:

    I don't think I'll be purchasing too if it's like the mini LV. But will definitely check them out to see how it looks IRL. :P When is the official launching date?
  9. i was thinking about the speedy 25 but if none of its coated, than im not getting it.... esp. when its so light.... it feels like the anitgua nad the mini mono right?

    REASONS for NOT getting:

    NOT coated
    Vachetta handles
  10. Not coated????? pshhhhhhh. There goes my sale. I love the look of white bags but they are just toooo much upkeep, especially if it will be uncoated. I would be ok buying it if it was a $200 or less but it would be too much work and too much money to keep an uncoated damier.

    Dang it!!!! oh well....at least this won't get in my way of saving for other bags! hmph!:blah:
  11. I LOVE LV,

    it lanches on All Saints Day.. Nov. 1st..in three or two weeks?
  12. They both told me it does look like mini mono:sad:
  13. I totally agree. Even if it's coated we'll need to worry about the white parts turning yellowish, and now it's UNCOATED?! :Push: It's like buying a bag with expiry date- after less than a year, you won't want to carry a bag which looks SOoo used. :sweatdrop:

    Yea, that seems to be the only consolation! Hmm, what's next on my LV wishlist... :P
  14. Well, if it's true, that is just INANE. Why on earth would anyone drop hundreds of dollars on something they might have qualms about every time the item gets dropped or put inside a handbag with other things that might 'taint' it?
    I am really wondering these days what exactly I am paying for with this design house...don't get me wrong, I :heart: LV, but I am getting a strange sense that they are cheaping out on the new lines...
  15. Thanks for the info! :flowers: Three weeks to go. ;)