I'm Trying to Remember the Name/Price of a Fendi. Broad Question But Can You Help?

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  1. Ok. I saw the most beautiful Fendi bag in Saks New York about a month ago. I don't think they have it anymore. Come on Fendi nuts, help me!

    It was in the 300-500 dollar range and had a weird shape. It was tiny, and looked like a change purse, but it was in fact a bag. It was in the color ZUCCA. God, thats all i can remember.

    If you know anything, or have any suggestions, please post. Thank you all so much.
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Any of these? Did you check Saks or Neimans online? Was this an outlet? Maybe it was a change purse..for that price range I'm not sure..
  3. omfg! thank you sssoooooooo much. you dont even know how much i love you right now! haha. thanks x100000

    and all the other ppl that helped too!
  4. lol missed that one:rolleyes: