I'm trying to remember a tote. It's about the size/shape of a cabas piano...

  1. but it is more curved on the sides. it's in mono, and it's an open tote i believe. can't remember and i don't see it on elux. any ideas?

    it's a shoulder bag. iirc it's sort of flatish when closed.
  2. The other one that comes to mind is the luco or lucco, something like that.
  3. wow, both the vavin and the luco are such nice totes! I'd never seen them before, i take it they've been discontinued? so nice. how long ago were they d/c'd?
  4. Haha yeah I'm trying to remember all the totes and that's the only one I can think of with the sides the way you're describing them.
    When did you see this tote or what made you think of it?
  5. I thought i saw it on wednesday on someone. maybe is was just a cabas. maybe it's time for a certain someone to get some sleepy eye (is that the phrase?) lol.

    Thanks guys!
  6. Unless it was a Neverfull..who knows lol. Maybe you'll remember in the morning. :yes:
  7. cabas alto ????
  8. the vavin was only recently discontinued.