Im' trying to get her OUT of our bed...

  1. LOL Hello everyone..


    How can I get my daughter out of my bed? She's 16 months and she always starts off in her crib but by the middle of the night (when im dead tired i might add) I always end up bringing her in the bed with us. I am just sooo tired, I end up putting her in the bed so that we can get some rest.
    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

  2. Why do you bring her into your bed? Does she wake up and start crying?

    What happens if you just leave her in her crib?
  3. get earplugs. I've read its dangerous for a small child to be in bed with you cause you can roll over and smother them. But I'm sure the mommies will chime in soon.
  4. Ok, I'm going out on a limb here...but how NOT bring her in bed with you! ;)

    Seriously, it's ok if you let her cry. Make sure she's fed, changed and all her needs are met, then let her cry. She'll stop eventually and soon enough she'll get used to not being in bed with you.

    Start on the weekend so missing sleep won't be that big of a deal.
  5. she's kind of big at this age for it to be truly dabgerous. . . but If or one, CANNOT sleep w/ a child in my bed.

    My kids are all over me when I have them once in a blue moon.

    Honestly, I'd go cold turkey.
    If she doesn't truly NEED anything, I'd let her start trying to console herself.

    At this age she doesn't need food or drink in the middle of the night anymore. Give her a big filling snack just before bed.
    When she wakes you can try first to pat her back to sleep, if that clearly is going nowhere I'd tell her to go back to sleep and that you'll be right back to check on her.
    "CIO" {crying it out} usually generates a lot of different opinions/controversy, but to me, at this age, she should be and can definitely sleep through the night w/o a parent.
    There's a few different ways; some people work up to it, starting w/ going in every 3-5 minutes to reassure them, then lengthening it to every 8-10 and so on.
    It can take 2 weeks, but I'd do it, like I said, I cannot sleep w/ mine, I don't get good sleep at all w/ them in my bed.
  6. oh wow, that must've taken me forever to type! LOL!
    I started a moment after bagsnshoo responded!:shame:
  7. ^ ITA... I have 2 little ones. Neither of which I brought into bed with us to sleep. Bringing them to bed with you & picking them up everytime they cry at night creates a vicious cycle that's hard on everyone to break. As Charles said, be sure there is nothing physically wrong. Baby's fuss when they are tired & need to "get it out" so to speak. Try keeping the baby in bed when she fuses & instead of picking her up & bringing her into bed with you, you could trying gently rubbing her back to try & get her to fall back asleep. Sound machines are great also~ I used one with both my kids. They loved the ocean sounds. You could also just let her cry it out. It may sound harsh but she will stop once she poops herself out. We aren't talking about a newborn here, she's almost 1 1/2 years old right?! Once she learns you aren't going to come in & get her anymore, I think the fussing will subside once she gets used to being in her crib all night. Good luck!
  8. Why are you bringing her to bed with you? Is she crying in the middle of the night? Is she scared of the dark??

    I find that consistency is the best way to deal with these things. If she's crying in the middle of the night, then go into her room and hold her and snuggle her for a little bit. DON'T take her back to your bed. If you're tired, then...oh well.

    I don't believe in the CIO method, and I'm a semi-fan of attachment parenting. If she's crying, then she needs to be comforted...I'm not saying that everytime she makes a peep, you need to get up and snuggle with her. But if she's crying uncontrollably and seems upset, then I think it's best that you go to her, let her know that everything is okay and that it's time to go back to sleep.

    We do not co-sleep and I do not bring my daughter to bed with us...Not even to breastfeed. I am a very light sleeper and already have enough trouble sleeping when my husband is in the bed with me...I can't even imagine what it would be like with a child.

    What is your daughters night time routine? With kids that age, I think it's good to keep a routine going and try not to break it if possible.
  9. Thanks for all of your input and advice...

    I think she just wakes to wake up at night... lol i know that sounds weird but I do give her milk when she wakes but if I don't give it to her she will fall back asleep as soon as i put the paci back in her mouth... Sometimes as SOON as i put her back in her crib, she wakes up and starts crying again..

    It seems like as soon as she wakes at night she gets up and starts doesn't help that her crib is in our room as wel huh?

    So when she wakes to cry, i should go in her room (im moving her crib in there this evening) to console her but put her back in her crib?? I bring her in the bed with us because I get tired and feel that it's easier for us to get back to sleep (lazy i know.. :smile: It's like as SOON as i put her in the bed with us she goes right back to sleep.. go figure

    It is becoming very hard to sleep with her in the bed with us and I definitely am going to try to put it to an end...

    Thanks all... and im still taking advice:smile:
  10. yeah. . . I'd move her out of your room for sure and definitely break the cycle.
    She'll keep doing it as long as you give her what she wants.
    I wouldn't give milk at night at all anymore either, can cause bottle rot.
  11. when my son was that age his crib was in our room, but not by choice. We were living at my DH parents house waiting for our to be built. It created the same problem. I think because his crib was in the same room he always wanted to be in bed with us. I hated it. And when we moved into our house and he had his own room at about 19months old, he was still waking up and coming to our room. I thought for sure he was never going to grow out of it, but eventually he did. My daughter is the opposite. She has had her own room since about 7 months and won't even try to sleep with us!!
  12. This is definitely rough. Our little guy is 2 and he's never been a good sleeper. I think that the key is consistency and a bedtime routine. Also, make sure your child falls asleep in the crib and not in your bed at the beginning of the night because then when/if the child wakes up in the middle of the night he/she will be in familiar surroundings and not wondering where he/she is b/c it is a different place then where he/she fell asleep.
  13. You need to let her cry it out. It may take a few days but once she is out of your bed & sleeping through the night you'll both be a lot happier. You are getting her out of habit-I used to do this to. As soon as I heard my daughter I'd walk in my sleep to get her & put her in our bed.

    My daughter has a Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Musical Aquarium attached to her crib & a Gloworm which she LOVES. If she happens to wake up in the middle of night (During teething) she turns them both on & falls right back to sleep. I highly recommend adding those if you dont already have them. I also keep a nightlight in her room so it's not too dark in there.
  14. I have no advice to offer you but wish you good luck. And just one thought, the month after we got our little one out of our bed I ended up pregnant! LOL
  15. ^ :lol: