i'm trying to figure out what these purses are...

  1. can anyone tell me what the names of these bags are??

    Bag Borrow or Steal™

    and there's another bag that was in someone's collection, it was a deep purple and had very soft leather. thanks for any help anyone can give me!!
  2. looks like the vintage ligne box...
    but i've never seen it like this with "chanel" across the top. i've seen that style only on the duffle like one of the PF members here has....

  3. To borrow:$95.00 per week
    $275.00 per month

  4. It's from the Vintage Ligne, but I don't know the name, it's not the usual Box Tote I see.
    Can you post a link to the other pic? There's a few new violet bags out this season.
  5. i can't remember where i saw the other bag...and i'm not sure if it's new or not. it was just in someone's collection, and i can't remember the name :'(
  6. ^that's the flap bag, but the pictures from the original post looks to have the dimensions of the square vintage box....
    i wonder if the purple bag is the lady braid? it has the same handle detailing as the vintage ligne.

  7. The black one is from the Spring 06 Square Vintage Collection. Neiman's had the medium flap version (@ $1550) and the larger travel totes. I haven't seen that actual style in your link, but it looks cute...I believe the other purple was the Lady Braid Bowler...soooo fabulous!
  8. These people are prolly earning a lot of $$$...on the rentals!
  9. can anyone put up a pic of the lady braid?? i just want to see it one more time :rolleyes:
  10. i have pics of the lady braid handy, since i've been drooling over them as i eagerly await mine!

    the black one is from the NM catalog, and the purple is lovely PFer imgg's lady braid!
    Chanel-Lady-Braidsm.jpg IMG_2045.JPG
  11. oh boo, that's not the one i was talking about, but it is absolutely GORGEOUS!! i just added a new obsession to my list. THANKS!! ;)
  12. No, that's the Lady Braid flap I think:yes:
  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! that is it. it's amazing.