I'm trying to collect limited edition ronde coin wallet, what am I missing?

  1. Hello~I'm trying to collect limited edition ronde coin wallet:love:

    I've so far collected the cerise and the panda, and going to buy the groom soon~
    Is there any other ones I've missed?:confused1:
  2. The conte de fees
  3. ^Yep, I was just going to say that.
  4. ah~ is it the one with butterfly or the one with apple?
  5. Mmmmmmmm, it's not pretty >.<
  6. Yea I only collect pretty things, IMO that is pretty unnatractive. Are those really the only 4 limited ronde's?
  7. well the mini mono since it's discontinued
  8. Both, there are 2.
  9. this coins purse is cute
  10. thats cute that you collect them btw!
  11. buy them all.....

    ain't u in ban?
  12. the apple one is way cuter!