I'm treating myself on my birthday, what to get??

  1. Tomorrow is my birthday extravaganza...i'm going to the spa and then the mall! I'd like to make an LV purchase, but not sure what. I have a manhattan GM and mono pochette wallet for about 2 months now. What should i get??? any suggestions?? either mono, perf, or multicolor.
  2. pochette perf.
  3. happy early birthday! I say get what you want! I would suggest pomme...maybe a cles?! Love that color!
  4. Multicolore speedy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. happy birthday--get what your makes your heart race!!
  6. Speedy, speedy, speedy!
  7. Speedy!
  8. Well Happy Birthday in advance!! I guess it depends on your budget and your likes....of course anything LV makes a great b-day present...I would suggest an accessory like maybe the mono or mc bracelet or if you're going all out how about a pochette of some sort...Let us know what you decide and post pics
  9. I think Speedy, too!

    :yes: :yes:
  10. If you dont ahve a speedy, I agree that it would be a great purchase.
  11. I would say a speedy! The multicolor is TDF!!!!
  12. MC is SO cute!! Get one!!!

  13. mc speedy
  14. How about a mono speedy with a mc cles?
  15. happy birthday!! :yahoo: mine is tomorrow as well, born in 83 too! :biggrin: go to the botique and try on everything .... I am thinking a speedy with a fun vernis wallet? even though you didn't say vernis ... mc would be cute too!