I'm training my feet to wear heels again!

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  1. When I was in high school and later on in college, I wore heels to every special occasion. My boots had heels. I loved heels. I could run in them . . . I could even skip in them!

    After college, I either had those comfortable sensible shoes for a retail job. Before I moved to Canada, I bought three pairs of what I thought 'sensible office shoes' looked like and I never wore them.

    I want to wear heels again. I saw a pair from Payless I liked (really cute patent leather pumps).

    I'll wear flats walking to the bus and walking to the office, but when I get there, I'm going to change into the heels.

    If my dream is to wear Manolo Blahniks, then why have I always insisted on wearing flats (as cute as they are)? It just doesn't make sense.
  2. Yay! Good for you for going for what you want. I, too, have the inexplicable habit of buying beautiful heels and then rarely or never wearing them. At the last moment I always choose comfort over style, but how will the heels ever become comfortable unless I actually WEAR them?!

    Just be careful that the heels you buy fit well and are as good for your feet. It might turn you off of heels altogether if you have stiff shoes that hurt. Although I don't have a pair myself, from my understanding the Manolos you intend to buy might end up being the most comfortable heels you own!
  3. oh dear! i'm the opposite of you ladies! i always wear the shoes i think are the cutest, but are completely impractical for any given occasion other than a party :sweatdrop: throughout university, people would meet me and get this look of dawning recognition . . . .

    "wait . . . aren't you the girl who was wearing stilettos at orientation?"

    :blush: er . . . that would be me . . . . :P
  4. I ended up buying them today.

    (I put both on and did a lap around the store to see how they felt. They're an 11W, so they fit pretty comfortably.)

    I'm at work right now, but I promise I'll post a picture of them later on tonight!
  5. Tee hee . . . and I shoved all of my comfortable, sensible (read: "ugly") shoes under the bed!
  6. I get laughed at in the office 'cos I wear my lovely CLs with 5inch heels and have a 2nd pair under the desk 'just in case it rains'. Practicality hasn't got a chance :roflmfao:
  7. I wear heels all the time. Even to class when it seems to be the popular college student thing to see how much you can slum. I even wear them to work but put them in my locker before my shift starts. One of my managers has actually started to call me "heels." But when I first started to wear them, I my feet would hurt and I hadn't learned how to walk in them properly. It definitely is so much easier the more you wear them.
  8. I have to say, that two pair of my shoes came from Payless and they are


    And they are still on the website.. I believe they are called Kimi.

    But they dont rub and dont pinch or anything.. and i really love them..

    And wearing flats walking to the bus and walking to the office is the best way to go...

    But the problem is that i wear heels so much, that flats dont feel right on me at all.. it feels like my heels are so low when i walk that they are inverted and my toes are higher than my heels.. wierd, i know.. buy dont get that when I'm barefooted.. so lol, who knows... *shrugs*
  9. As promised, here they are:



  10. [​IMG]