I'm totally lost

  1. I'm completely new to Balenciaga and have no idea what anything is. I saw a Bbag today at a resale shop and really liked it, but have no idea what style it was. They all look the same to me!

    What is the best way to learn? Is there anywhere I can go to look at all the bags side by side for a size comparison? Or find the measurements of the bags?

    Also, how do you tell the difference in years? Is it solely based on color? The bag I saw today was a pinkish color. Any ideas what color it might have been?

  2. atelier.naff

    Enjoy! This is such an wonderful helpful site. And a fun read to boot!
  3. Thanks so much! That is an awesome reference site!

    I'm thinking the bag I saw is a lilac city! And, I think I'm gonna call in the morning and see if it's still there. :graucho:
  4. Yeah! Go get that bag!
  5. I love this site, it has taught me so so much. It is like the bbag bible. Welcome to the balenciaga addiction. If you do get the bag, Congrats.

    ***This is my 500th post, Yeah!!!!!***
  6. *thud*:wtf: ....... A Lilac CITY! What town do you live in... I am driving there TODAY!! :p

    In all seriousness... look at the different things to authenticate it, and then pick that baby up!!! Gorgeous!!!
  7. Why Oh why can't I ever find a Bbag in a resale shop. :search: Oh well......where I live you can't find a Bbag in any shop. Clopin......after you check that bag over and authenticate it, I wouldn't waste any time, I'd be taking that baby home.