I'm totally FREAKED OUT please help

  1. Okay sorry this is going to be long....

    So I'm selling a number of my limted edition LV's on ebay and I got an offer from someone in Canada. I countered the offer and she e-mailed me back that she would accept if she could pay cash and pick it up in Michigan (where I live). She said it was becasue of duty and shipping fees. She included her phone number in the e-mail and asked that I call her. I spoke with her on the phone and she seemed really nice. We started to make plans to meet. She asked what my address was so that she could map quest the address. I gave it to her. Then the conversation starts to get strange, she begins asking me what all I have for sale and I tell her like 3 times that everything I have for sale is listed. But she keeps asking if I have certain bags and I tell her yes or no if I have them or not. She then trys to wheel and deal a little more and I tell her I have another buyer and she agress to the original price. I told her that in order to hold the bag until she comes next week I need her to BIN, BUT SHE REFUSES she asks me to take the bag off ebay. We work this out that she will buy another item when she comes over to pick up the suitcase and I will take the bag off e-bay (which I never did do). We get off the phone and she calls me back later to tell me that she's really sorry but she dosen't want the bag because it can no longer be carried on airplanes:confused1:. Then she begins asking about which bags I have and I tell (I'm such an IDIOT:cursing: :cursing: :cursing: ), then she asks how big my engagement ring is, I was totally taking aback because I only mentioned in conversation the word fiancee (sp?), I lied and said it was .75K becasue the FREAKY thought ran thru my head that what if this is like some thing where she is going to come and rob me??? I mean she has my phone #, address and knows that I have a lot of money in LV handbags in my apartment! What the H*LL Do I do???
  2. Uhh.. I'd be scared, it sounds like she was going to try to jump you !
  3. damn I understand now why some sellers only accept paypal.
  4. Alya, are you saying that SERIOUSLY!!!! Becasue I think I'm going to head to Home Deopt and but another lock!!!
  5. i'm sure you gonna be ok but from now don't contact her again. If she tries to email you , call you just be nice and very relax. Just say that your items are available through ebay but unfortunatelly you can not arrange any pick up.
  6. Alya the chick lived in Toronto.....was it you????:ninja:
  7. Before you gave your infos did she give you her infos?
    Did you see the caller ID?
  8. put another lock, make sure you have insurance, and that it is up to date, and make sure that you always have someone with you.. and if you're not home, make sure the light is on and tv is loud enough to hear from outside but not too loud... keep safe!
  9. Very good advice Mirrorprincess, I done being Ms. Accomadating!:hysteric:
  10. i'd be at the nearest pound picking up a german shepherd with big teeth

  11. Okay for sure!!! I call my sister, who's my insurance agent, to make everything is in place.

    Thanks so much, I'm truely concerned if you can't tell from how fst I'm responding!
  12. First, do not have any more contact with this woman. She knows too much about you. Secondly, does she live close to you? Will she show up on your door step tonight? If she would appear, do not answer the door, do not talk to her. If she does not leave, call the police. Do you have a doorman or security system in your complex? Be careful...I am sure everything will be okay. Next time someone wants to pick up an item, meet them at a fast food place.
  13. Well, it seemed like she was interested in knowing what you had - like valuables (the bags, the ring) .. so that'd be kind of creepy.

    And I've been mowed down by law school lately, so I haven't had time to stalk anyone in a while.. soon though. :graucho:

    Seriously thoug LvLover, this should be it for contact, ugh.. stay safe !
  14. No she lives in toronto canada, which is like 4 hours away. Yes my buiding has a buzzer to get in the main door. I'm going to go tell my neighbor right now what happened!!
  15. I'd install a security system right away, scary :s