I'm totally crazy

  1. Ladies today i realized that i need help for my Bal. obsession:girlsigh:
    i've sold my greige city that is ready to be sent.
    Tomorrow i will receive my rouge vif city and today...................................I've bought a greige twiggy:hysteric: :hysteric:
    I've seen her in a lovely boutique and .......:graucho: :graucho:

    Which one do you prefer most?
    I've sold the greige city because with the rouge vif city coming i would have had 3 cities ( i have a calcaire city that i love)....
    I've seen also a greige bowler...
    Gorgeuos but not my style..
    LV Marelle 008.jpg LV Marelle 009.jpg LV Marelle 007.jpg
  2. Twiggy!! Twiggy!! Definitely if you have other colours in the City, the Twiggy will be a change. I am biased though, and definitely prefer the Twiggy to City!

    I wish you well,

  3. hahahaha! I like the greige in the twiggy! diversity! ;)

    o0o0o0o you saw the new styles? how fun!
  4. I am a city girl at heart, but that greige twiggy looks awfully cute! :girlsigh:
    Congrats lb!! :yahoo: :nuts:
  5. Love the Twiggy!!
  6. I like the City
  7. 0o0o0o stick with the twiggy!!! its looks so beautiful! :love:
  8. love the twiggy, but of course i'm biased!
  9. I'm not a fan of the twiggy --- keep the city its lovely looking!
  10. I like both the Twiggy and the City, but I absolutely LOVE red bags and Rouge Vif is such a stunnner, so I'd keep the Rouge Vif City if it was me.
  11. Your Greige Twiggy is adorable!!! Keep the Greige Twiggy! :heart:
  12. I'm biased towards cities, so I would say city.
    Did you say your red city is coming? Are they in now????
  13. I also think the Twiggy style looks fantastic in that color. Since you have & love the Calcaire City, I say the Twiggy in greige is a great choice. Bet you can't wait for that rouge City too!
  14. Love your greige twiggy! That would be my choice, along with the rouge vif city......
  15. i love the twiggy! it looks great!