I'm torn!

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  1. I've been looking for a preloved keepall 45, I've found 2 but I'm torn.

    The 1st is 2006 barely used has been stored away and hasn't much patina and only one side of the zipper works apparently. It also has a hot stamped luggage tag (I know LV don't stamp fakes but luggage tag could have come from another item?)

    The 2nd is from elady in Japan it's year 2000 fairly used and has a small mark on the inside.

    I have attempted to get the 1st authenticated but even after requesting more pictures they just weren't clear enough. I prefer the newer one but don't want to end up with a fake!

    I just don't know what to do!!!
  2. Dun know about U, but personally, I would not get the newer bag..
    1. Zipper issues. I have to send it for repair.. it all adds up to the cost of owning a keepall.
    2. Patina issues.. Cheaper fake keepalls leather bits do not get darker with time.. Some good copies with real leather does.
    However without pictures, it is very difficult to tell.

    2nd bag. I also do not recommend getting it.
    1. It already has a mark. Are U going to be ok with it on the long run?
    2. It is an older keepall.. I have nothing against older keepalls, my oldest one is from 2010...but getting a used older keepall with a mark... hmmmm..

    Maybe it is better to wait for a good quality pre-loved keepall.. Who knows. something better might come along. Or maybe save a bit more and get a brand new one.

    Just a thought
  3. I've had 3 great experiences with elady. If you go to her site prices are 10% lower than eBay, if that's where you've been looking. I have a keep all, and you NEED both zippers to work. Even with both of mine functioning properly, it's a pain to get my stuff in and out easily. Don't buy something that already has problems. Listen to your gut. You know that one bag has too many red flags.

  4. Thanks so much for this, I have never had a monogram piece it's not my favourite but I do like the colour on the vachetta on this keepall it's aged beautifully. Would you go for it even with a white mark inside? It's going for $450 If I remember rightly.
  5. So I have done it, I bought the Keepall 45 from Elady, it was $400 but has no accessories. I am wondering if LV will let me have a dustbag??

    I'll get it authenticated of course (should've done that first really) but I believe she has a good reputation and I think it was added yesterday or today.

    So fingers crossed..my first preloved item!!

    Here's the link

  6. I bought 2 keepsalls from http://www.fmasarovic.com/ Freddie is great to work with, will usually give a discount if you ask, and rates his items. I only buy his 9 or above rated items. He ships so fast that you receive from Japan in 2 days. No smells, and if there are, he discloses. If you get on his mailing list, he will notify you when new items come in. :heart: Freddie~!

  7. One thing about elady is she has so much stuff coming in that I don't think she really cleans it before photos and pricing, so the white mark may be able to be easily cleaned when it arrives (about 1 week). For example, the LV twin I bought had a photo with some sort of smudge on the bottom. I seriously washed it off with WATER.
  8. Congrats, hopefully it will be in great shape.

    I am pretty sure LV is not going to give you a dust bag. They don't normally do that unless you have a really good relationship with your SA and he/she is willing to give you one knowing you bought it preloved. I know if you bought a bag at the LV store and misplaced it, they will give you one. I recently bought a bag, left the dust bag out and my dog got to it. My SA was more than happy to give me another, but I don't think she would have done so if it was for a bag she didn't sell to me.
  9. sounds like the first one is nice