I'm TORN! Too many cute puppies! CHI or CHI/SHIH?

  1. Okay so I planned to go and visit the chi pup (previous post) this sunday and pay the deposit.

    However, this morning I came across the cutest pup I've ever seen!

    I think I'm in love :love: [​IMG]

    Anyone heard of this cross bread before? CHI/SHIH TZU?

    I've called the breeder and am going to see her tommorow (friday)....
  2. She is absolutely adorable! I am all for Chi's(Mariah in my Sig is a long haired Chi), but mixed breeds have less health problems. If you're in love-dont hesitate!
  3. Thanks Queen! I was going to PM you about it because I saw you have both breeds! Are there personality differences? I've heard shih-tzu's dont shed as much? I'm hoping she has the best of both breed's as the breeder had planned on keeping her herself.
  4. In the end, go with your heart :love:. I actually had placed my deposit on a short-hair Chi from the same breeder as my little fuzz ball long hair Chi and then they posted a pic of Bella (my fuzz ball puppy) and I had a change of heart and placed the deposit towards her instead. It was the best decision I ever made and I never got to see either of them in person. I just went with what I felt and I am SO SO SO happy and pleased with my little lovebug! Keep us updated! That new one you posted is really cute too, get them BOTH!!:graucho:
  5. Princess is a Shih-Tzu/Lhaso mix, the only downside(if there is one) is that she is suuuuuuuuper hyper! Shes about 3 y/o(got her from the pound so we are unsure) and acts almost as if she were a puppy. But she is so much fun! It must be the breed because 2 of my friends have Shih-Tzu's(pure bred) and they are both pretty hyper, its the funniest when we all get the dogs together!
    Mariah is a lot more mellow(shes used to be a little more playful, but shes 4y/o now), but she deff. has her playful times-its so funny to watch them chase each other around the house.
    Im not sure how often you are home, or will be with your pup, but if you wont be with her often-I do suggest getting another dog as a companion if you find her(if you get her) to be more Shih-Tzu than Chi.
    I had Mariah first, she was an only dog for about a year(did just fine)-then when work picked up, we decided to get another dog to keep her company. But if it were the opposite and we had Princess first, I would have had to get another dog right away, her playfulness is almost non-stop, and I dont think we could have kept up with her. It used to be much worse(we got her when she was "about" 2 y/o-I think she was younger, though) but she has calmed down with age. Anyway, I think you will be happy with her. Either way, Chi or Shih-Tzu-they are both a blast to have around. Let me know if you have any other question. Good luck!
  6. Awww, she is SO cute! :love:
  7. They're adorable :love: I vote with go with your heart! I'm a big believer that the dog picks you. I had a shih tzu for 15 years. He was kinda hyper as is my sister's shih tzu now, but I adore the breed. I'd have one now, but i Pomeranian chose to adopt me instead. I don't know much about Chi shedding, but Shih Tzus do not really shed. Their coat is hair as opposed to fur, so I generally lost more hair in a day than my dog. Enjoy your new addition...whichever one you go with! :heart:
  8. Awwww, too cute!!
  9. So cute!!! :heart:
  10. I forgot to address the shedding. Princess hardly sheds. I will find a little white hair once in a while, but compared to Mariah...its nothing! Mariah is a mess when it comes to shedding. Especially this time of year when shes getting her Winter coat in, her hair is everywhere! I try to brush her as much as possible, but it seems like it doesnt help at all lol. Im not sure how short haired Chi's are, but I know Mariah deff. sheds!

    Have you talked to the breeder about how long the pups hair will get? If its going to have hair like a Shih-Tzu then maintenance will be a must! We take Princess to the groomers every month, she can go 2 months without a problem-but I just love her hair really short. And, I wouldnt try to groom her yourself:push:, unless you are trained! I tried with Princess not long ago-and it wasnt pretty:sad:. Anyway, I cant wait to find out which pup you go with!
  11. My shih tzu doesn't shed at all which is a plus for me because I have allergies. On the down side, we do have to take her to the groomer once a month for a haircut. She is pretty hyper at age 1, but I do have some friends who have mellow shih tzus. I think that it just depends on the dog. I would talk to the chi/shih breeder and ask her what traits of each breed the mixes take on. Go with your heart in picking a puppy and I'm sure no matter what puppy you pick, they will be great!
  12. that might be the cutest puppy i have ever seen!
  13. Chi's definitely shed and actually the short haired ones supposedly shed MORE than long hairs do. My long hair is still a puppy and they do not get their full coat for 1 1/2 to 2 years so I won't have a comparison for quite some time. My short hair Chi sheds a light to moderate amount normally and more when the seasons change. It is nothing crazy though, I mean realistically the dog is only 5 pounds and it can't all fall out at once!
  14. I have a friend with a Lhaso/Shih-Tzu mix and he's not hyper at all but he's blind. He's the sweetest little guy though. I've loved every Shih-Tzu I've ever met and Chi's are wonderful so I say you can't go wrong with that mix. And look at how cute she is!
  15. Bad news - the pup sold before I could get to see her. :crybaby: