I'm torn! Please help me decide!

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  1. Hi all!
    I was hoping for a push one way or the other!
    I was looking at the Retiro in noir or the Greenwich? Neither were on my radar but now I can't get them out of my head! I actually brought home the Retiro but was wondering if I should take her back and exchange for the Greenwich! I read both clubhouses and am still undecided:/ TIA!
  2. I prefer the Retiro in Noir, the Greenwich reminds me too much of a doctors bag (just my honest opinion, no offence intended) :smile:
  3. Center,

    I think it's too difficult to decide between the two bags, personal taste. For me, both serve the same function. Can be worn in similar occasions. I really like the idea of the monogram without vachetta (low maintence) and slightly different from traditional monogram. The Greenwhich is slightly reminiscent to me of a speedy in Damier. I'm not a complete LV fanatic, but I do own 12 pieces, and I saw the Greenwhich on a woman in LV store, and when I looked quickly, I thought it was a speedy. I know, that's terrible, but I looked quickly.

    I would go with your feeling. If you have purchased the Retiro and are still thinking of the other one, then I think it's the wrong one for you. If you exchange it, and the Greenwhich still feels *uncertain* then perhaps neither is a good buy for the moment. As they weren't specifically on your radar. Certainly, if I kept thinking about another bag, it would go back.
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    I'm no help, I like them both!
  5. I like the look of the Retiro in Noir better. I purchased one when it first came out and I still think it's beautiful but I don't carry it because I find it very heavy after I put my items in. If you keep the Retiro be sure to stuff it during storage. I did not and it started to sag

    If you are unsure return it and wait for something you'll love :smile:
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    Oh dear! Thanks fir the insight! I only threw my wallet in my diaper bag so unfortunately didn't have my usual things to put in it! Not smart, since thus is not my first rodeo! I'll try my things in it and check the weight because I have a bad back so I don't want her to end up in the back of my closet! Thanks again!
  7. I had the Greenwich, never used it and ended up selling it....I have the retiro in noir and use it all the time and receive compliments on it when I carry it....my vote is for the retiro!!!!
  8. you make great points! I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket since Christmas and got the Az NF RB and returned it because I was too nervous to use her with a 9 minth and 3 yr old then got the excited about the new empriente speedy but due to some bad quality with the bag, I was turned off and was in search of something else.
    So I turned to the latter- I'm pretty bag content but have to use the gift card at some point so I took the plunge. I might have grabbed the Retiro for some instant gratification on the big letdown of the speedy! Sigh... I do love the bag (the Greenwich too!) but I think I might sit on her for a little and see how I feel- maybe send her back and continue waiting... Thanks for the level headed advice- I needed that!

    Oh and I did lean towards the Retiro because I have the SB 30 DE also!
  9. Oh this is great to know since you know first hand! Thanks! The Retiro is an eye catcher for sure!
  10. Center,

    Definitely if I owned a DE 30 speedy, I wouldn't have purchased the Greenwhich. I don't consider myself an expert, but I think I can reasonably tell a speedy, from other bags, and if I made that mistake, I feel as though non-LV people would assume it's the same bag (I know we don't buy bags for other people... But just a thought).

    Incidently I purchased an Azur piece (delightful) and had all the concerns you did about color transfer, vachetta. I do NOT believe in babying bags. I treated the Vachetta, and have had blood, ink etc on it. It's held up just perfect. Something which I think might work on color transfer for canvas is "rubbing alcohol" I don't wear jeans, so I haven't had color transfer to try it, but I recently got a large amount of blue ink on the bag. I put rubbing alcohol on it, no damage whatsoever, and the stain came out.

    I'm so impressed by the azur toughness, my husband bought me a second piece a favorite pm. I was more careful with the delightful initially as it was my first azur, but now I treat it as badly as my DE pieces.

    Sorry for off topic discussion. See how you feel about Retiro, I definitely think it has a different look then other LV bags, and can not be mistaken for another bag.

    And if you are worried about the Maintenence I think those straps (NO VACHETTA) on monogram will make you happy!

    Another possible option as you purchased the azur RB, which I consider a summer bag, is perhaps exchanging the Retiro Noir for one of the lovely bright colors. I think that cherry color is gorgeous and could pass in the summer (which could also do fall/ winter)

    And the poppy for me would work well in summer/ spring.

    Good luck!
  11. Greenwitch- hands down!
    More luxurious leather. Top line Damier Ébène bag.
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  12. Greenwich! I love the nomade leather contrast. I wish they can offer nomade leather lining for DE men bags. Ugh.
  13. Oh fabuleux- I wondering what your take on these two bags would be! Oh dear! Such a pickle I'm in!
  14. It is beautiful leather! Everyone is making this a hard decision! Oiy!
  15. I really like both, but IMO Retiro is better as it's more feminine. The greenwich is more of a travel bag that could work a man. My vote goes for Retiro !
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