I'm torn! New Bag Advice Needed

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  1. Sooooo I'm after a smaller cross body bag. I have a Chanel Jumbo Classic but I wanted something kinda the same size but that I can use for everyday.

    I'm thinking either an alma bb (DE, Monogram, or Epi) or if possible a Pochette Metis. I'm in the UK and I'm aware that there's meant to be a price increase rather soon so I wish to make a decision soon.

    If any of you have either of these bags (or both) you're input would be greatly appreciated. Or if there's any other styles worth checking out.

    Thankyou! X
  2. The bags you mentioned are all great choices. I think you can fit more in the Pochette Metis. I love the Alma bb and how discreet it can be in Epi leather. All your choices make great errand bags, just depends if you like de, epi or mono. I wouldn't choose mono Alma bb as it has too much vachetta for UK weather. Good luck deciding!
  3. hmmm, well i have pochette metis and am currently waiting for a preloved alma bb in epi so can't really comment on that one. i think the pochette metis is a beautiful bag and seems to be pretty hard to find. i guess if it were me i would probably get that one if i found it. best of luck with your search and hope you find one before any dreaded price increase! ps, for practical crossbody bags, odeon and bloomsbury are very easy to carry.
  4. I know this wasn't in your list but I just got the speedy b 25 in monogram and am in love with it!

  5. Thankyou! I'm going to check it out next time I go instore
  6. Alma BB is gorgeous, I really love them in vernis.
  7. I have the Pochette Metis and love this bag but I do grab my Favorite MM more for my everyday! Good luck❣
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    Last edited: Mar 22, 2016
    I love my Epi Alma BB, and am contemplating this bag in DE. It would be my third Alma BB since I also have one in Vernis. I love that the bag can go from day to drinks to dinner and looks polished and chic. For a small bag, it easily holds my daily essentials. It looks beautiful as a cross body or on the shoulder. I seldom carry by hand, but when I do I leave the strap attached.