I'm Torn!! Mezzo vs Luco!


Which would you pick?

  1. Cabas Mezzo

  2. Luco Tote

  3. other: please post your suggestion!

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  1. I'm torn!! I should be saving for a new car (and I am! I've gotten really good at it. lol.), but I desperately need a tote for work! I'm currently using a Restoration Hardware beach/outdoor tote I got for $22 (woo h:huh:! retailed at $45! yay 50% off!), but I miss my Vuittons!

    So right now I'm looking at a Cabas Mezzo versus a Luco Tote.. I'm leaning for a Luco because of it's structured look and canvas bottom, but I'm swayed by the $200 cheaper Cabas Mezzo, especially with the extra vachetta leather bottom and handles.

    please vote! I'm leaning greatly towards the Luco. Like I said, I'll be using this for work. so it'll hold tons of paperwork, folders, files, etc.

    I like the Mezzo because well, a) it's cheaper by $200, and b) it has a leather bottom. the leather bottom is weird for me.. i like it and i don't.. i like that it's there cuz it adds character and life to the bag, but I don't like it because well it can get dirty! Haha.

    Which would you pick if you were me??
  2. i voted Other, and i suggest a Batignolles Horizontal :yes:
  3. I like the Mezzo due to its leather bottom...either way you can't go wrong but I LOVE this leather bottom as character!
  4. Mezzo
  5. 0o0o00o totally agree!!! I've seen 2 Batignolles Horizontals in the last 2 days and i totally think this bag is GREAT!!!!! :love:
  6. i prefer the mezzo. :yes:
  7. I voted for the Luco. I would be extremely paranoid about sitting the Mezzo down anywhere and would ALWAYS be analyzing the vachetta on the bottom! Would drive me nutz!
  8. The shape of a Luco is more structured and stiff, and if it's for documents, probably better !
  9. i like the sleekness of the luco. the vachetta bottom would drive me crazy too so i got the vavin gm.
  10. MEZZO!!!:love:
  11. Mezzo!
  12. MEZZO! You won't believe all you can fit in that bag.
  13. lol.. guys.. DO keep in mind I am... a boy. and i dont want/need a bag that looks more like a handbag than a professional tote/etc.

    imo, a batignolles looks WAY too much like a handbag. but thanks for that suggestion!

  14. Luco. I think it is the most masculine of the two.
  15. Luco Luco!!
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