I'm torn :( ladies, please help me decide...!!

  1. I want to get a Violet Part Time but cant decide whether GGH or GSH :sad: Would love to hear your suggestions, ladies!! TIA!! :flowers:
  2. I think GGH will bring out the bag more...brings more attention!
    GSH..not as bright as GGH but will look just as lovely..
  3. Personally I prefer SGH, but that's just because I don't think I can pull off GGH! I've seen some violet with GGH that just pops though! Do you wear mainly gold or silver?
  4. SGH on Violet...It just goes better...
  5. I have both gold and silver accessories actually..I've been looking thru everyone's violets here, I see most have the SGH, but this gold is catching my fancy...:girlsigh:
  6. I would say GSH, I just saw some at Joyce today and they were stunning!
  7. I love the SGH with the violet - I think that the two tones are a great compliment to one another!!
  8. I love the SGH, but then again, I love silver more than gold. But I just think it's pops more on the bag. BUT they both look really nice, so it's more a preference I think of what metal you like.
  9. Mr Posh, & Couture thanks ladies!!
    Moonstar, I totally agree with you!!:yes:
    Right now Im still leaning more towards GGH...all opinions still welcome ladies!!:flowers:
  10. I would go with SGH too. It just seems to compliment violet more. But, you sound like you are really leaning towards the GGH. Have you seen a GGH Violet on the forum?
  11. Here is Handbagangel's beautiful GGH Violet..(I hope you don't mind angel:p)

    What do you think..:confused1:
  12. Definitely the SGH!
  13. I'm more of a GGH than SGH fan, however...on Violet the SGH is soooooo stunning:drool:
    You should also take into consideration your coloring. If you are warm, than GGH might look better on; if you are cool than SGH might look better. Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  14. Sgh!!
  15. I had to make the same choice between the two, and in the end I made my selection based on the particular characteristics of the leather, and the hardware was secondary. But all else being equal, I'd pick GSH.

    Here's comparison pic of my two violets. I ended up keeping the one with GGH because I liked the leather better. But I still wanted one with GSH so I got a Violet Work.