I'm Torn In Two...DK Red Metallic Reisssue vs Navy Patent Reissue...Lookin For Help

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  1. Deciding which one I should get. Hi ladies. :smile: I am stuck here. I love both of these bags here.:heart: Both are equally gorgeous,IMO. As I look through my closets,I am having trouble deciding which reissue would best fit my wardrobe. My fall & winter clothes are mainly the darker colors. Black,charcoal,shades of gray,purple,burgandys and browns. My spring & summer are the lighter colors. Whites,tans,pastels,yellows and some pinks. I am wondering which of these bags is easier to match with your outfits? :shrugs: I have worn black bags most of my life. Last year I got brave and got a camel & burgandy Chanel. Now I am looking to add a red or blue to my collection.:yes: All comments,thoughts & suggestions are welcome. TIA:flowers:
  2. My vote is for the navy patent reissue even though the metallic dark red may go with more of your wardrobe. I wear similar colors to you, but I have been finding that the old rule of never mixing navy and black doesn't hold true anymore. I am in love with the combination of navy leather and gold hardware. I love red bags too, but not so much in metallic leather. Good luck with your decision!
  3. Navy for sure. To me, metallics are more of a special occassion piece- something I really have to plan an outfit around especially in a color such as red. The Chanel navy patent is wowza! And plus it matches so much and can go from day to night.
  4. i think the navy might be more versatile, but the red metallic would complement your wardrobe best and stand out more. after spending this much money, shouldn't it do exactly those things?
  5. I would vote for the navy patent. You would not have the problem with possible flaking and I think it is a better daily bag and would be better in the winter.
  6. Another vote for patent navy. I do not own any metallic bags but have the 07 navy in crackled patent. It is very low maintenance and my fav bag by far. If you can find it at a reasonable price, grab it...lol

    The shine on this bag is tdf and even with dark clothing, it stands out. I also love the gold hardware against the navy.
  7. definitely Navy patent!
  8. Navy! Such a classy color and very versatile.
  9. Navy patent reissue. Easier to carry, more worry free!
  10. Good point tadpolenyc! :yes:

    Thanks to the rest of the ladies for your comments and opinions.:smile: I see the overwelming choice is the navy patent. And for good reason...it's gorgeous!:heart: For some reason I am having a hard time getting the red out of my mind.:rolleyes:
  11. Grab the Navy Patent! For sure it wouldn't peel! Plus you can just wipe it with a soft cloth when you wanna' clean it. :smile:
  12. If you can't get the navy patent out of your head go for it! :yes:

    Though personally, I :heart: the navy patent it is soo gorgeous.
  13. Another - Navy vote.:tup:
  14. Definitely the navy patent reissue!! :love: It's absolutely gorgeous, and IMO, more versatile than the metallic red. :smile: The gold chains against the navy patent are TDF!! :love: It has the same wow factor as a metallic, but being that it's patent, it's easier to maintain! :smile:
  15. I have the red metallic and love it. I find it goes with a lot. My wardrobe colors are similar to yours. I have had absolutely no issues with any of my metallics and find them to be very durable. While I love navy, I am not a fan of patent, ao I vote for the red metallic.