I'm torn - Hermes Clic Clac bracelet

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm been debating over the clic clac bracelet (in the smaller, PM size) and wanted to know what you guys think. Ideally, I would love the black enamel with the "silver", but those have been unavailable in my area (and it looks like it will remain unavailable). I spied the bracelet in the gold recently and don't know if I should hold out or go for the instant gratification. I should say that I rarely wear gold - everything is silver-toned and my watch is a steel Michele watch. The only gold jewelry I have it on my David Yurman bracelets.

    What do you guys think? Should I wait, or just get the gold bracelet?

  2. You need to go for what you want...which really is silver. You are going to end up unhappy with a gold one and be hoping to find a silver one even with the gold one.
  3. Silver or gold bracelet .... Hmmmm

    Well, I mix the two !
  4. i think you should wait! you can always ask your SA to do a search to see if it can be located at another store. they can just get it transferred over.
  5. Wait and get the one you want! We'll help you find one!
  6. I think you should wait for the silver too. Worst case, you can order it. Have you called the Hermes website?
  7. Wait to get the one you want. I saw one recently (friday, Jan. 26th) at the Hermes store in Boston. Try there. Good Luck.
  8. Try KOP
  9. i agree with the others..you should stick to what you really really want...go for the silver :smile:
  10. Here's a pic of the one I received today. Honestly? The gold on these bracelets is VERY gold IMO...I had a red with gold and sold it...I prefer the silver in these...I did think it was on the H website though??!! It always changes so I'm sure you can find one...I think you'll be happier with the silver -- I also wear both but do prefer the silver..:smile:

    Weds. 002.jpg
  11. ^LOVE your bracelet.

    Sorry to get off topic.
  12. Mree are you near Boston?? Oh and thank you!
  13. Shoes, that is a beut!!

    I say it's fine to mix gold and silver but it's really the silver one you want. These are too pricey to settle for the wrong one.
  14. I think you should wait for the one that you truly want. I have the PM Clic-H in Black with Palladium (LOVE it!), and I had to have it sent to me from Atlanta a few months ago. I was getting ready to go to Houston that week, so I called the H store to see if they had it. Houston didn't have it, but I spoke to the nicest SA who located it for me at the Atlanta store.