I'm torn..help, please!! Speedy 30

  1. Hi all, I have been lingering around the lv forum for a while as I ran into it one day when I googled "25 vs 30 speedy" and ever since then, i've been on here trying to figure out which size speedy I want (based on the photos posted). Well, my birthday is in a few days and guess what I received as an early birthday present from my sister? The speedy 30!!! :yahoo: The only problem is, I've never carried an LV purse before, and I'm not too sure what to expect. I have no idea where she purchased the bag (and i'm not too sure if she knows her LVs enough to determine whether the speedy she purchased is authentic or not). I love the bag, but I really can't carry it unless I know for sure it's authentic.

    So basically, I need some help with determining authentification..because i thought it was strange that there were only two tags that came with the purse: one that is white and says SPEEDY 30 and below the "speedy 30" has a barcode; the other tag is an off-white color that says Louis vuitton, Coated fabric...cowhide leather trim.

    For those of you that have purchased a speedy from the LV boutique, what did you receive with your bag? Please add any other information (that I should look for) that is vital to the authenticity of my speedy, please.

    Here are some photos (I think, if i post it correctly :push:smile::

    As I was pulling the tab that had the "30" behind it, i noticed there is a small hole under it..where it attaches the tab to the canvas, is this normal?? And, I just realized that on the side view picture of my speedy, the piping seems..uneven..is this normal too??

    Thanks so much for the help!!! :flowers:
    USA tab.JPG tags.JPG side.JPG tab2.JPG
  2. just got my speedys last july from the boutique and I compared your pics to my bag and the tags too... Im sorry to say for me I think its fake
  3. Honestly I just took out my tags that came with my speedy and the look of it and everything and honestly everything checks out to me

    The tags she has are identical to mine and I purchased mine from the boutique a week and a half ago, I examined my bag and compared it to yours and it looks just like mine.....

    And what frankie was saying about those tags coming with it is wrong, I have those tags, they were in the speedys I checked out when I was making my decision.

    I could be totally wrong but I think its real. (just my opinion though)
  4. I recieved those tags too with both my mono and azur speedy 30...

    It looks ok to me?
  5. when i got my speedy 25 i never got the white tag with the picture on it???? i got a white tag but there was definatly NO picture on it
  6. The vachetta trim that says "made in usa" looks wrong to me. The stitching just looks off. I also don't think they put a picture of the bag on that white tag....but go to the authentication thread and see what everyone else says.
  7. Just to clear this up, I'm 100% sure they are now putting the picture of the bag on the tags. I know this because I got my bag from the boutique and were given them. And mine is indentical to that one.

    They might have not done that in the past when other people had gotten theirs but I know for sure recently they've had that on their tags and with every bigger LV item I've gotten have had tags with the item i've purchased when its from eluxury or the boutique.

    I just wanted to clear that up, so at least that part is real. :yes:
  8. The white tags with the barcode are new. LVs are now coming with these tags, some SA forget to remove them at purchase. My Limelight Clutch and my Mirage Speedy as well as my Azur Noe all came with such codes, and I bought these bags in Aug and Sept.

    As for the general authenticity of your bag, simply ask your sister for the receipt for exchange, it shouldnt be a problem if unused and authentic, as LV keeps computerized records of all purchases made in their boutiques.

    You could always post detailed pics of it in the authetication thread if you dont feel like asking her for the receipt. Good luck, I hope for your sake its the real deal!
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  10. Your bag is real. The font looks fine and the tags you provided are consistent with the newer tags LV now has. Welcome! :smile:
  11. ^ITA I think its real too, I'd definetly do what travelbliss said and just ask for the reciept... you could even say that you want it heat stamped at Louis Vuitton and need the reciept in order to do that... that way you don't have to say you think its fake or anything like that :smile: Keep us updated!
  12. I got the same tags from the boutique...I think it depends on the person helping you, whether or not they include them...
  13. fijibuni, i saw your post on the authentication thread..and your speedy corresponds with mine..tags n everything! I don't know, it's just that fakes are replicated to be sooo identical to the real ones these days...i'm still not too sure how to feel about mine...

    I was thinking about it last night...after I posted this thread.."is it possible for a fake to somehow slip into the boutique (somehow..) and get sold to customers??" i dont know, the just the thought that mine could be fake makes me uneasy..boo :s ...i'll try to casually ask my sister where the bag was purchased.

    I woke up thinking about the speedy this morning! I couldn't help it! this is driving me crazy..so i took more pics(also posted in the authentication page)..i really need some help, this is driving me crazy--whether it's real or not, i have to know! and it's hard to really find out the authenticity because the closest lv boutique is in San Francisco..about 1.5 hrs away..
    I really appreciate all your help :balloon:

    Here are some more pics i took this morning:

    ^that was the "slit" i was referring to in the previous post