I'm torn! Help me choose which one I should get.

  1. I know my next purchase is going to be a Vernis but I am torn on what color and what bag to get.

    Ahhh .... I need help!

    Which one would you get from the following:

    1. Pomme Reade

    2. Framboise Reade

    3. Noisette Reade

    4. Pomme Roxbury

    5. Noisette Roxbury
  2. Framboise Reade! its a gorgous summer colour
  3. From the above 5 choices, I think Framboise Reade stands out more! Cute tote!
  4. I vote for reade in framboise but I'm a little biased because I have this & LOVE the color!:yes:
  5. I'd go with the Reade PM, either Pomme or Framboise
  6. I agree! :yes: Definately a Reade in Framboise!! The colour is TDF!
  7. eh i can't decide either! i guess the roxbury in pomme! or a reade in framboise!
  8. framboise....:heart: the color...have the wallet and its pure:love:
  9. Framboise reade.
  10. Framboise Reade :biggrin:
  11. Pomme or Framboise Reade
    both look yummy~~
  12. Framboise reade!
  13. Everyone is saying reade, but my first thought was the Roxbury in Pomme, unless you want something more neutral.
  14. I like the Pomme Roxbury Drive more.
  15. I would say you can't go wrong with either of those, they are all great choices. If you want something that'll pop your outfit, go for the pomme or framboise choices, otherwise noisette is a good neutral choice. I think I like Roxbury better as it's a little more versatile and can be worn casual or dressy.