I'm torn...give up Marron or Greige for Anthracite?


Which should I keep? And why?

  1. Greige Twiggy

  2. Marron Day

  3. Both. Save up for the anthracite.

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  1. each time i see a photo of anthracite, i just swoon! i'm thinking about giving up my greige twiggy or marron day for an anthracity, anthratwiggy, or anthraday, but i'm torn! both colors are versatile. greige twiggy is thick & smooshy w/ perfect distressing. marron day is thick w/ slightly more distressing. what to do...i love both colors equally. what are your thoughts? TIA! :flowers:
  2. my opinion is sell the marron day, simply because i'm not a huge fan of that colour, but i LOVE greige and anthracite!!! and i think anthracite would work well as a pseudo-neutral.
  3. I think that the griege twiggy is fabulous!! Such an awesome color and it looks great on the twiggy.
  4. I think the greige is great!
  5. i've voted for Greige Twiggy I just think it will be beautiful!!! just a nice colour to have!!!
  6. I voted for Greige Twiggy...

    Love the colour, and then in the Twiggy style too... you gotta keep the Twiggy!
  7. Of course, keep Greige twiggy...i'm not a fan of dark tone like marron. Moreover, greige is the great color tht can go with anythinggg and especially comes in cute style like twiggy...K-E-E-P IT...

    I thought i've already saw ur greige twiggy (with the name oddysee in the pic right?)..If so, the leather is just TDF...don't ever let it go!!! :smile:
  8. Sell the Marron and keep the Twiggy.:yes:
  9. Well, I picked option 3 - keep both and save up for the anthracite. Its only just come out, so it'll be around for a while yet. Your greige twiggy is delish, and as a recent convert to the MarronLovers club, your Day is equally lovely. Plus, why give up any when you can have all three?:graucho:
  10. I voted keeping both and saving for Anthracite. :smile: Your Marron Day and Greige Twiggy are both TDF. Don't give them up!!!
  11. I have all those colors...and they're all beautiful. I couldn't imagine trading either Marron or Greige for Anthracite because they're all different, so keeping the two you have and buying Anthracite, too, is my first recommendation.

    However, if you HAVE TO get rid of one of your bags, I'd say let the Marron go because Bal always comes out with a dark brown, and there are many dark browns out there, so you would be able to buy either a new dark brown at a later point or re-buy a Marron. Greige is not a color they come out with often, so it would be harder to replace.

    There are no right answers! Do what you have to do!
  12. Greige Twiggy here ^^
  13. greige twiggy all the way...I :heart: greige!!!!!!!!!
  14. Your greige twiggy is a keeper.
  15. NEVER let go of your greige. I am not a huge marron/day fan so I voted for you to sell that bag to get your anthracite.