im torn! eva clutch or speedy 35?

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  1. hi i need ur advise, im planning on buying LV ds week but i only have budget for one cuz i just bought a beaubourg and a matching bandeau yesterday and am totally inlooooove with it:yahoo: should i get another day bag w/c is the speedy or d eva w/c is more of a nyt bag? i looooove the speedy cuz its timeless and spacious (had one but exchanged it for sumthin else) but im having problems carrying it on one arm when im carrying my daughter on the other. but i also looooove the eva clutch and i dont have a nyt bag yet but i carry alot of stuff so im really really torn.:confused1: tnx in advance!:smile:
  2. I think the speedy will be much more usefull.. I LOVE my speedy.
  3. I would go with a speedy!
  4. I have both lol .... but i find the speedy more useful i hardly use eva
  5. I vote for Eva!
  6. Definitely the speedy.
  7. Speedy!!
  8. If you already have a day time bag = beauborg, and don't have a nightime bag then I vote for Eva.... Eva can be night or day, if you wear it cross body you can still hold your daughter and be handsfree, it's big enough for basics... I bought Eva recently and the only thing I don't like is the hanging gold chain I wish it were completely removable, then it would be perfect.... but you can still tuck it inside....

    If you sold you speedy before bec. it's uncomfortable on your wrist then I'd wait until your child doesn't need to be carried and get Eva first, then a speedy!
  9. I have the eva and really like it, but find I need to carry to much during the day for it to be practical. If you do not carry much, it is great. I use my speedy 35 everyday, so I would have to say go for that!
  10. speedy!!!
  11. Speedy! :biggrin:
  12. wow thanx 4 d quick reply! u guys are really nice and helpfull :smile: i so wish i could get both cuz i love them both so much but we're on a tight budget, my hubby has been so wonderful for giving me all these things just so i cud be happy, he says retail therapy myt help cure my depression and it works! but having a limited budget makes it a little difficult:shrugs: its a challenge!:okay:
  13. EVA!!! i own it and just love how its hands free!
  14. I vote for Eva. You just bought the Beaubourg, so you can use that one as your day bag. You can carry Eva for nights out, quick errands or when you need your hands free. That way, you'll have bags for multiple occasions.
    Save up, and in a while you'll be able to buy the Speedy as well!
  15. eva!!