I'm torn - any advice?

  1. I'm torn between buying an Epi Speedy or an Damier Speedy and also torn between 25 or 30 on both.

    This would be my everyday bag for casual and office environment.

    Any advice, thoughts on either the model or the size?

    I'm a bit worried that the 25 may be on the small side for a blackberry, 2 cell phones, a small hairbrush, lip gloss and a few other small misc items.....
  2. Deb, I have a speedy 25 and I can fit a ton of stuff in it.. however the opening sometimes feels small when reaching for things. To do it over, I would probably buy a speedy 30.
    As for Damier or epi.. that's a tough one, I guess it depends on color. Both are great for all weather! Epi comes in lots of colors, or you can go with classic Damier. I personally would go with either a black or vanilla epi!
    Best of luck!!
  3. For an everyday bag I'd go with the Damier Speedy 30!!! It's realy beautiful!
  4. i personally like damier more than epi.

    as for the size...take your everyday items with you to the boutique and see if either the 25/30 accommodates your things. i did this once at a boutique. i had to make sure a bag could fit my wallet :smile:
  5. Me 2 :yes:
  6. Epi speedy 30!

    I used to have 1 mono speedy, then I felt in love with epi speedy. ..the color, the texture, the shape (hold up very well).
  7. Damier! It's classy enough for office/work and great for casual while Epi might be a bit hard to use on casual occasions IMO :flowers:
  8. i go for a red epi speedy, classy & nice !
  9. I prefer the epi speedy! I have the 25 and it would definitely hold all the stuff you listed with ease!
  10. I carried my Damier Speedy 30 to the office everyday last month. It is a great work and casual bag. Get that!
  11. I prefer the Epi speedy 25:smile:
  12. I have an epi speedy 25 in blue- it's a bit larger than the 25's in mono or damier- I'd bring everything you want to carry it in and try them both :yes:
  13. The 25 is bigger than you think! I really like the 25 for everyday. I find the 30 great for travel. Epi is almost indistructable! You can really bang it around!
  14. epi speedy 30 if you've got lots of stuff to carry everyday. the zip opening is a little wider too so it's easier to get your things out. and you do have a lot of colors to choose from. black - if you want something classy that wouldn't go out of style. red - if you'd like a spash of color.
  15. Epi speedy 25 is cute!