~~ I'm Too Excited About This Belated LV Gift! ~~

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  1. Seriously, he loves to pose - so it only took a few seconds to get a photo of him. Thanks for the compliments!!!
  2. No problem. I used Essie Secret Stash Nail Polish and Orly Love Nail Polish on top. I've tried this mani with a couple of different colors. Anything bright works great! :nuts: As for the nail art, I basically traced the rose design and then filled it in with acrylic paint (so I can wipe it off in the process when I mess up) to recreate the rose design. It was fun but took me forever as I am not that great with nail art. It took me basically an afternoon to accomplish!!! I'm sure a nail salon can do much better than me! :yes:
  3. LVoe the manicure! CONGRATS on the new bag!
  4. Aww, your pup and bag are both cute!
  5. hehehe Judd is sooo cute! Love his new roses :smile:
  6. Gorgeous pochette and matching mani! Is your dog a Jack Russell - he's adorable.
  7. so cute congrats!
  8. Very nice!! Congrats hun
  9. very nice present! & your puppy is too cute! i LOVE dogs!
  10. the last picture was such a wonderful treat.....congrats on your new lv....
  11. so gorgeous! congrats and happy birthday!
  12. Congrats!
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and congrats!
  14. belated happy bday and congrats on your Rose Pochette!!! =) (luv your mani too! ;))
  15. Beautiful...Love the Roses pochette! Congrats!!!