~~ I'm Too Excited About This Belated LV Gift! ~~

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  1. I'm actually starting to like the roses.... who'd a thunk it! lol

    congrats lovin' the mani
  2. Love the pictures, congrats on your new Roses pochette!
  3. I looove it! Mine is sitting beside me as I type and I was still in awe of your photos!
  4. ^^ I agree! He's very photogenic! All of your photos turned out very well, though. :yes:

  5. Cute pup and Roses pochette case.
  6. congrats! it's so beautiful!

    i love your nail polish and the rose on your ring finger!!! did you do it yourself?? i want to tell my manicurist to do it next time i go in... can you tell me what colours you used and how you did it?? thank you!
  7. Of course I love the bag, but omg that mani. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE!!
  8. Congrats! I'm so in love with this collection, and your dog is too cute! Was it hard to keep him still for that pic?
  9. Gorgeous, congrats!
  10. Aww.. how cute is your pup ! Congrats ! :yes:
  11. LOve the pochette. And you dog is SO cute. Love your Valentine's decorations too!
  12. Congrats!! Stunning piece indeed!! Your lil puppy is so cute!!
  13. Congratulations! Your photos are great, especially the doggy one!
  14. congrats!!!! adorable pup with beautiful pochette...and of course luv the rose manicure!!!

  15. Thank you all so much! :P