I'm too all over the place...need help focusing...

  1. Now this is a serious, girls.....I'm too all over the place and I would love some advice. Here's the problem....

    I love to many Hermes styles. Yesterday I finally got the chance to try on a 28cm Plume and it fit me perfectly. Great size all the way around. Plume Elan would be great too but the regular Plume at 28cm was a winner. OK. But here's the thing.

    Lately I've been using the heck out of my Rouge H Kelly. It goes with most everything! During the week I'll use either the Rouge H or the Caramel Kelly. If I wear one brown thing then out comes the Chocolate Togo Kelly. On the weekends I tend to break out the Black Box Bolide or use the Combo Trim (these are more casual for where I live). So the only bags that are not being used fairly regularly are the Vintage Combo Kelly (and the Vintage Croc when she arrives) and the Black Box HAC. HAC comes out to play in the cooler weather and if I'm going into San Fran....like yesterday. And my new beloved Kelly Elan is really for evenings.

    I'd love a Birkin (Rouge H or Gold in Togo) and I love the Constance and I love the 28cm Plume! Birkin's are hard to come by but I could buy a Constance and a Plume fairly soon (NYC has both in colors and leathers I would adore)! (Plume in Natural Chamonix and Constance in Rouge H Chamonix) Question is, do I really NEED those bags.....you know what I mean? I don't want to amass a huge collection of Hermes bags because then I wouldn't enjoy using each one as much. You know? Would I use a Constance a lot or not? I don't know. Would the Plume displace my Bolide? I know only I can answer these questions, but.....what would you do and how do you stay focused when there are so many lovely, lovely styles...colors...leathers....:shame:
  2. That's so tough to answer because I'm in the same boat. I must have asked to see every style today and after trying on so many I couldn't narrow it down...I'm just in love with them all!!!! :yes: I think you would get good use out of all of your bags. :flowers:
  3. I don't have an answer shopmom because I would also like to know lol!! I feel very similar though - I don't want to just acquire a lot of bags and then not use them. As you know, I'm already trying to pare down a bit, re-think and figure this all out. I think the bolide and plume are 2 veeeery different and amazing styles! I love them for being secure with zip tops, the way the handles are on the plume, the ease of opening on the bolide -- a birkin is going to be similar to your HAC; but....having the HAC in box a birkin in togo or something would be great for a travel bag that won't mind some abuse; I admit, I'm not sure of the constance - is that something you really need? Do you have a trim? Are they both shoulder bags? I think looking at the croc and toile kellys - well those are mightly special and unique bags that are kind of like your collection...antiques?? You know the croc will be used and for special and the toile, well is that something you would want to part with?? The brown kelly -- are you re-thinking that one? Maybe it's just too many kellys...but then again you LOVE the kellys! Maybe you need to just relax and see how it goes - you've acquired, as have I, quite a few bags in a short order....and now we need some time to see what we love, use, and want to keep and if something isn't earning it's keep, then decide to move it on out...

    Phew! That got long lol! And I don't really even think I was helpful either lol!!

    p.s. if the real question was plume or constance....you know I'm a plume girl all the way!!:heart:
  4. Maybe I'm still in sensory overload from yesterday........
  5. Let me ask you this D- if you were to get a constance, what color are you considering? Since you just got the Kelly elan, which looks so fabulous, I am not sure that the Constance will really serve you well. The Plume on the other hand would ba so functional and elegant, I think it would be a great addition to your collection. And you know how I feel about birkins- so I am no help there.

    As for any bags that you are not using all the time- sometimes that it the best part. It's ok not to wear all of your bags all of the time. I think everyone has a few work horse bags that they use all the time, and then those few bags that are reserved for either special occaisions or special outfits. And sometimes that is the best part- taking out a bag that i haven't used for a while, and taking it out- makes me feel like I just got it all over again!!!
  6. Oh my Shopmom! You have so many! Do you have a showcase thread? I would love to see them all.
  7. One of each sounds good to me, heehee.

    Seriously tho, just observing your style -- I think you would look great with the Constance, it is hands-free and looks exquisite day or nite. You can pull it off because you are slender and the bag would drape nicely. I could be wrong, but the Plume might be a bit too casual for you?

    If you are looking for a more casual bag, the Trim is a wonderful option if you happen to like it.
  8. JAG....you are right....whenever I take one out I haven't used in a while I get SUCH a thrill! I just love it. Ok....I MUST be in overload!!!!

  9. No....I don't have a Showcase yet because I've been waiting for Croc to arrive first....but I've posted some here and there. I should be able to post something more cohesive late next week.....thank you for asking though!!!!:flowers:
  10. OKay, ready for my two cents? (are you SURE...?) hehe

    I think you need a Birkin 30 next. I'd get it soon (next year?) because every collector needs a Birkin (IMO) and the prices on Birkins are climbing fast and they're ALREADY high. I'd do rouge H or gold Togo and it would be a great day or travel bag. Because of the leather, it would be a little more casual and a totally different look than the HAC. Believe me, you'd reach for this bag all the time. :smile:
    Now, regarding the Constance, Personally, I think the retail on these bags is quite high for what they are (please, no tomatoes.) Now, I think the style is adorable and super-chic, but I'd get a used Constance from LZ or ebay if you can find it.

    I'd also wait on the Plume for awhile. Stop, breathe for a bit and save something for later. Really, shopping is at its most fun when there is a little bit of want and anticipation added to the mix. Maybe buy a Plume in Europe one year?
    Birkin hunting takes time and patience. Since you already have a good SA, I'd start dropping the hint that you're ready for a B 30 and watch what happens!!
    I think your collection is one of the best I've seen. Beautiful bags, a variety of skins and things both new and "old." But I think you need to step back and REALLY see what's missing in your closet. Only a (little bit - hehehe) of time will tell you that!!
  11. Buy the watch now......instead of a bag!:angel:
  12. I can't help but put in a good word for the Constance. It's easy to wear and is great for a tailored casual look. I'd probably chose black box over the Rouge H (actually I did choose black box!) If your existing black bags have gold hardware, you might consider palladium - or vice versa.

    As for your collection, have you considered expanding it in a slightly different color direction? I know you stay away from the bright colors, but raisin is such a great neutral. I bet a Plume in raisin would suit you very well.

    Of course, a 30cm Gold Togo Birkin would probably be the best fit of all.
  13. Thank you, Girls! I knew I could count on you for some excellent, excellent advice! I think the 30cm Birkin is the next thing ..... time to start droping hints to those powers that be.

    Could be that seeing Flossy's Gold Togo Birkin got me thinking about all this....good to ruminate because I don't want to make an expensive error. I want the bag to be perfect for my lifestyle and needs.....

    I see a 30cm Birkin flashing before my eyes!!!!! Constance can be icing on the cake!
  14. shopmom:

    hmm I would try the basic thinking....
    which one do I HAVE TO have now?
    and where do the other two stand?

    then maybe you can put a time frame on the 2nd and 3rd for a bit later?

    dont' know if this helps at all :P
  15. That sounds delicious!