I'm tired of _______

  1. Fill in the blank...

    I'm tired of people saying, "Don't stress out about it, it will happen when it is SUPPOSED to".
  2. I'm tired of people getting pregnant sooooo easily!!!!
  3. I'm tired of being asked "Are you pregnant yet?"
  4. or asking you if you're pregnant because your stomach is bloated from the clomid
  5. Trying!!!!! And Worrying About Each And Every Month!!!
  6. I tired of being dissappointed :sad:
  7. Seeing all of my good friends with their 2 and 3 month olds!!
  8. Hear "We are not ready yet" :sad:
  9. tired of my friend's babies asking where my baby is and who all the toys belong to.
  10. Seeing all of my friends who got married later than us now have 1-yr-old or are preggers!!!!
  11. Tired of buying baby clothes for my nephew who has TWO kids already!
  12. tired of celebrities who abuse drugs and alcohol and do not take care of their bodies getting pregnant and having babies!!!
  13. tired of thinking I'm pregnant when I'm not...
  14. hoping and wishing every month just to be totally disappointed
  15. seeing people who never exercise at all and do not take care of their diet falling pregnant so easily