I'm Ticked!!

  1. Last month one of our local radio stations started running a promotion "Grab a bag, Win a car" in which they were having people qualify for a reverse lottery in which 12 people would win a designer bag (advertised as 100% authentic..)..one bag had a set of car keys in it that entitled the winner to a free two year lease of said car.

    Well, I qualified for the event ... I was so excited about the prospect of adding a new bag to my collection...

    I went to the event this past Wednesday and looked at the bags (which ironically enough they had in the trunk of the car)...well, a couple stood out to me as fake!!! :cursing: IE the gucci and the Prada...it was sooooooooo obvious!! :wtf:

    I contacted the station and they told me the bags were purchased at Designers Imports.com...arrrrgggg!!! I told them that that confirms what I said as DesignersImports sells fakes...and they said NO THEY DON'T...

    Anyway, I'm just ticked and now there are 12 ladies prancing around with what they believe to be designer bags :sick:
  2. ugh, that really sucks! I would write a formal letter to the parent company of the radio station (clear channel or whoever). If you're really mad, report the station to the bag mfg.
  3. That's terrible.....maybe write an editorial in your local paper too!
  4. Good idea...I used to work at said station and already shot an email to their corporate office and to their local MM yesterday...I have not heard anything back yet..

    so, you believe I should contact Gucci/Prada also??
  5. Too funny...as I WORK at the local paper :wtf:
  6. WELLLL, Get on it girl! That kinda stuff can't be tolerated!! We must fight fake handbag injustice wherever we find it! :boxing:
  7. That's ridiculous. Keep us updated!
  8. Give 'em hell! :noggin:
  9. I just relayed the story to our chief editor...I'll keep ya posted.

  10. Ditto!!!!!
  11. WoW! That sucks. What a cheapo radio station.
  12. hah what a prize, right? dumb radio stations always trying to do stuff on the cheap.
  13. then you should DEFINITELY write an editorial!!!!

    I would wait and see what the station says, then go from there, if they are totally indignant, I would write to Gucci and Prada.
  14. Oh yea, definitely write something!!!!!! How horrible!!!!
  15. Horrible, they deserve to be exposed for this!