I'm thrilled


Jul 12, 2006
First, I have to give kudos to Coach's shipping dept, and Fed Ex. This past Tuesday, I ordered the Soho Signature Large Hobo and wrislet in dark brown. It was shipped on Thursday, and I received it this morning. According to the tracking number, I wasn't supposed to get it until this Tuesday. I chose regular shipping.

I absolutely :heart: both items, but I wish the shoulder strap wasn't so wide on the hobo, and the strap on the wristlet was detachable.

I've stayed away from the board for a while because I wasn't feeling any of the fall/winter items. However, I'm happy I changed my mind. I have my eye on two items coming up in the spring line. I wish Coach would hurry up and release them. LOL...
hehe this is one of my favorite perks of coach via fedex shipping

b/c i order from there myself when the store runs out and i tell ya, employees don't get special perks, we still have to pay for shipping (they are starting to really come down on this)

and so i usually get ground but like you said, it arrives a little earlier

in your case it's surprising b/c with holiday fedex is a bit backed up. :smile: but i'm glad you got it earlier then expected.

congrats! ;) i can't wait for the spring line either